Battlefield 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


Battlefield 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Battlefield 4 is the thirteenth game in the Battlefield series and is currently being developed by DICE.  This game is a sequel to Battlefield 3 and it will be released for the current and next generation of consoles.  The game was announced by Frank Gibeau president of Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 4 Game Features: 

Only in Battlefield you can impact the battlefield in real time thanks to the interactive environment that reacts to every move you make.
Only in Battlefield you will feel the impressive power of the new generation of technology Frostbite ™ 3 which produces sounds and a picture of unparalleled quality making your game more dramatic more believable and more realistic.
Only in Battlefield you will see incomparable with anything the level of total war giving you the freedom to enjoy your advantages and to pave your own way to victory.
Only in Battlefield you have the opportunity to dominate the land in the air and at sea thanks to completely new intense battles on the water using technology.

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