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By | June 10, 2017

Blur Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Blur – a computer game in the genre of arcade racing which was created by Bizarre Creations and released by Activision.  It is a racing game in which there are real cars and places of action with an arcade-type control and battles between cars.

Blur Game Overview: 

Blur is a passing game where the plot is played through receiving emails that are sent from a variety of fictional social networks the names of many of which are links to known Internet services (for example Inner Tube is a link to YouTube).  In the game you can find a lot of licensed cars – from the Dodge Viper and BMW to the Ford Transit – each of which is fully destructible and the level of protection in the form of a scale that is an indicator of the “health” of the car.  There are also several modified versions of famous urban areas such as the Los Angeles River Canal and several parts of London.

Blur offers a standard at first glance set of entertainment – to participate in races on fashionable sports cars masterfully perform tricks jump from high jumps and break cars into trash.  The main entertainment is related to the fact that in the course of the race you have to literally fight with rivals – picking up charges on the way of arrival you can attack the opponent’s car knocking him off the road thereby or even blowing up his car.  Energy can also be spent on accelerating or say increasing protection against potential attacks.  Multiplayer is also here – on-line on one track will be able to meet simultaneously 20 players while split-screen will allow four riders to compete for the title of “the fastest”.  You can perform both in singles and in the team.  An interesting moment – Bizarre Creations employees promise that players will be able to create their own online game modes based on their preferences and tastes.

Blur Game Features: 

Playing in “Career” mode as you pass you will meet 9 bosses Shannon Khan Stihoplet Drake Natalia Claw Ayumi and Harumi Butcher and the Mysterious Enemy.  Also there is an opinion that Shannon is the “Mysterious Enemy”.

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