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Game Review: Burnout Paradise – a video game in the genre of arcade autosimulator with elements of the race for survival developed by the studio Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2008.  In 2009 there was an expanded edition of the game called Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box also ported to personal computers running Windows.  In Russia the game was published by the company “1C-SoftKlab”;  Versions for the PlayStation 3 and PC came out completely in Russian the same version for the Xbox 360 was not subjected to translation.  The expanded edition was released in Russia under the title Burnout Paradise Full Edition.  This is the fifth and final part of the main Burnout series and the only one from the series released on the PC.

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Game Overview: 

The main action of the game takes place in the fictional city of Paradise City which provides freedom of movement;  This is the first part of the series with the open world.  The choice is represented by sports cars Mascalans SUVs pick-up trucks vans and even cars of Formula 1. In the game in addition to cars there are motorcycles for the first time appearing in the series.  The whole city is divided into several parts.  It has a lot of forks and jumps.  The game has a change of day and night and a fog because of which visibility deteriorates.  Cars in the game are divided into 3 categories Stuntman – perfect for skidding and jumping for the fastest increase in gaming points;  Racer – basically easy to manage high-speed machines to use acceleration you need to fill the strip to the end;  Aggressor – heavy vehicles such as jeeps and wagons do great damage to rivals are ideal for Marked Man / Escape and Road Rage modes some are difficult to control.

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Game Features: 

In order to start the race you should drive to one of the traffic lights then press the brake and the gas simultaneously.  In addition to the races the game has the ability to perform high jumps knock down all billboards and break through all the barriers set records on time in all the streets and in the Showtime mode.  For this special cars are opened.  In the version for the PlayStation 3 there is the possibility of no-button control with a gyro in a Sixaxis controller.

The game has many additions such as Legendary Cars – converted cars from the game in Knight Rider / K.I.T.T.  (Talking at acceleration) Ecto-1 (siren) General Lee (siren) and DeLorean (transforms and flies in both forms when the tire is accelerated they fire on the ground like in the movie);  Toy Cars – some cars are converted into small toy cars which are two times smaller than usual;  Boost Special is a converted Hot Rod Coupe with infinite acceleration and Hawker with all 3 kinds of acceleration changing color in some places depending on the kind of acceleration (Racer – yellow Stuntman – green Aggressor – red).  In addition Big Surf Island also has toy K.I.T.T. Ecto-1 General Lee and DeLorean as well as a few more reworked ones and one new customary one.


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