Dead Island Riptide Game Review Trailer GamePlay ScreenShots

By | June 7, 2017

Dead Island Riptide Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Dead Island Riptide – action / RPG developed by Techland and prepared for release – Deep Silver.  The game was released on April 23 2013 on three main gaming platforms Microsoft Windows Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A large open world captured by the dead a Condemned combat system almost unlimited possibilities for modifying its own inventory and a pumping system.  The sequel to the game Dead Island.

Dead Island Riptide Game Overview: 

The game is a direct continuation of Dead Island.  The game takes place on the same archipelago as the last part but on another island.

Those who were fortunate enough to escape the epidemic on the island of Banoi believed that they managed to avoid danger.  But they were wrong.  Another hotbed of a mysterious epidemic erupted right on board the warship.  The storm began.  Since the crew of the ship was infected and could not operate the ship the ship which lost control ran aground and literally planted on coastal rocks.  Survivors after the storm found themselves on the fictional island of Palanay a few miles from the neighboring island of Bana.  In search of salvation absolutely not expecting that on this island they are already waiting for crowds of distraught zombies.

More specifically the narrative begins immediately after the end of the previous game.  A few survivors on the helicopter arrive on the ship of the Navy of Australia “The Avenger” where they are surrounded by people of Colonel Hardy.  He requires survivors to lay down their arms ensuring in this case their safety.  After fulfilling these requirements Serpo appears and after a short conversation with him Hardy orders his people to take the survivors in captivity.  They are taken away and later euthanized and conducted experiments.  In the course of this it becomes clear that Serpo knows about the immunity of survivors to the virus.  Heroes take up an improvised weapon and they prepare together with other survivors to resist zombies and survive at any cost.  Traveling around the island the characters learn that the only way to leave the island is a boat in a dead city.

Dead Island Riptide Game Features:

The process of the game has changed only by a quarter compared to the last part of the Dead Island it is presented in the form of a shooter with a bias on the role-playing game which has a huge open world 2.  The protagonist still survives and travels around the island full of zombies.  To help the player is given an impressive arsenal of both cold and firearms.  Weapons can be improved and modified on special workbenches found all over the island using various materials.  All weapons are divided into four main categories – cutting (knives machetes and the like) heavy (bats sledge hammers clubs) gunshot (pistols shotguns assault rifles) melee weapons (knuckles and claws) and one additional – into it  Include mines grenades bombs and throwing knives.  The player can download the preservation of his character from the first part and continue with the same progress.  Also there is a new character – Sergeant John Morgan his skill is hand-to-hand fighting.


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