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Game Review: Dishonored (dɒsɒnəd from English – “Obscured” from dishonour – dishonor) – a computer game in the genre of stealth action in the first person with elements of RPG 8 developed by the French company Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.  The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles as well as for personal computers based on Microsoft Windows in 2012 2 3 4 6.  On August 25 2015 the Definitive Edition a reworked version of the game for the game consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 9 was released.  In the fall of 2016 a sequel was released – Dishonored 2.

The game takes place in a frenetic epidemic of the plague of the fictional city of Danwall (English Dunwall from dun – dull gloomy and wall-walled) the prototype of which served as London during the Victorian era.  The protagonist of the game lord defender Corvo Attano after the charge of killing the empress and escape from prison tries to take revenge on his enemies.  Guided by the player Corvo acts as a hired killer whose mission in each individual mission is to search for and kill or kill a character without bloodshed.  In addition to the impressive arsenal of various weapons the character also has supernatural powers.  The key feature of the game is non-linearity every mission can be performed in a variety of ways like engaging with various enemies and acting secretly and avoiding detection.

The main designers of the game Dishonored were Rafael Kalantonio who is also the founder of Arkane Studios and Harvey Smith who previously worked on Deus Ex and Thief Deadly Shadows.  To participate in the project was also invited Viktor Antonov who developed at one time Half-Life 2 Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.  In the scoring game was attended by famous Hollywood actors.

Dishonored Game Overview: 

The game received a generally positive response from critics who appreciated the design and the freedom of action.  However the plot was criticized for its predictability and banality and the finale was named too harsh preventing further study of Danwall.  The game also received many awards.  In 2012 Spike Video Game Dishonored was recognized as the best adventure game and in 2013 BAFTA awarded her the title of the best game of the year.  In addition Dishonored was repeatedly recognized as the “best action”.  The main designers are nominated by the Visual Effects Society for “outstanding achievements in the field of visual effects in a computer game.”

Dishonored  Game Features: 

In Dishonored there are elements of RPG.  For example the possibility of “pumping” skills or the implementation of the choice on which depends the further development of the game 19.  The levels are constructed in such a way that the game can be passed without killing.  The creative designer of the game Harvey Smith gave an example of eliminating a target without killing when a player after completing a side task concludes a deal whereby the target is kidnapped and sent to slavery. 20  In the course of passing the player is given the opportunity to use his supernatural skills in various situations to achieve the main and secondary goals 21.

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