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By | June 10, 2017

DmC Devil May Cry Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: DmC Devil May Cry is a video game in the slasher genre.  Created by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for PC PlayStation 3 consoles and Xbox 360. Restart of the famous franchise.  The fifth game in the franchise of the same name and the first in a new series.  This is the first franchise game that is not made by Capcom – the development is transferred to the English studio Ninja Theory while Capcom controlled production.  Versions for consoles went on sale on January 15 and January 17 2013.  The version for personal computers was produced by the Polish studio QLOC and was released on January 25 2013. In 2015 the re-release of the game for the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release for consoles went on sale March 17 2015.  Russia game is published by the company 1C Softclub 9 and is released with the original voice track and translated subtitles.

DmC Devil May Cry Game Overview: 

The game is a mixture of genres slasher and adventure action movie with elements of the platformer in terms of moving around the locations and RPG in terms of discovering new skills and abilities.  The gameplay can be divided into three parts combat movement and battle with the bosses.  The main opponents in the game are various demons.  Their destruction is one of the main tasks of the player.  The appearance of demons is accompanied by the blocking of a single exit.  So the player needs to destroy all the demons in order to go further.  As the number of demons progresses new varieties and their combinations appear which complicates the game.  Part of the game where the main thing – a quick move is involved in the combinations of skills of the main character.  The player needs to pass this passage as quickly as possible since in most cases the city itself begins to transform trying to kill the player.  Moving is carried out not only by standard running and jumping but also by two kinds of whips and also by special platforms-accelerators.  Fighting bosses is to strike strings against their weak spots and also to fulfill special conditions so that these places are available for attacks.  Often in the game bosses have several health bands.  To destroy them it takes several times to fulfill the required conditions.  Each time the bosses become stronger and also use new attacks.  After their death most often the player receives a new weapon.

DmC Devil May Cry Game Features: 

The game takes place in Limbo City (English Limbo City).  The protagonist is a young man named Dante who lives in a van near an amusement park.  One day Kat comes to him – an unknown girl with abilities of a medium which warns him of a certain “danger”.  After that Dante ends up in Limbo – a distorted demonic reflection of the real world.  Using his extraordinary abilities Dante escapes from persecution and then defeats the demon.  Before the death the demon says that now they have found Dante and that death awaits him.

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