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Far Cry 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Far Cry 2 – cross-platform video game in the genre of a first-person shooter in the open world.  The second (not counting addons and spin-offs) is a game from the same series of games. Initially the game was conceived as a platform exclusive for personal computers but later it was announced that simultaneously with the release of the version for the PC will also be released versions for game consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Far Cry 2 is designed for IBM PC-compatible computers (running  Operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family) and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles.

The developer of the game is the Canadian division of the company “Ubisoft” – “Ubisoft Montreal”.  The official publisher of Far Cry 2 is also Ubisoft.  The official localizer regional publisher and distributor of Far Cry 2 in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

Far Cry 2 Game Overview: 

For several months as the people have no government.  The fire of the civil war swollen by empty promises of diamond wealth and the same empty ideology turned the country into ashes.  Left without funds because of the bankruptcy of their employers hundreds of foreign mercenaries try to independently benefit from another’s misfortune.  Local warriors in the rush of flight abandoned by their commanders using weapons to clean the land of civilians and their homes.  From the chaos two groups were born the United Front for Liberation and Labor (OFOT) and the Union of the People’s Resistance (SNA).  Arming gangs of street punks on the advice of the most desperate and cunning mercenaries the factions have been fighting for several months with each other.  Civilians not having time to escape are now hiding in shelters in terror hoping for salvation.  The groups received an incredible amount of weapons and ammunition previously held by the African Union embargo.  Such an abundance of weapons for both sides comes from a real legend of illegal trade – a mysterious person nicknamed the Jackal.  Your task is extremely simple – to find and eliminate the Jackal.

Far Cry 2 Game Features: 

The protagonist a mercenary or an employee of an unknown organization or special services arrives in an unnamed African country with the goal of eliminating the arms dealer known under the pseudonym of the Jackal.  The protagonist follows from the airport to the hotel of Pala on the way examining the neighborhood from the car and listening to the story of the taxi driver about the situation in the country in a state of incessant civil war.  Upon arrival in the city the protagonist discovers the symptoms of malaria and loses consciousness in a taxi.

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