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Far Cry 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Far Cry 3 is a multi-platform video game in the Action genre and an open world with RPG elements 2 developed by Ubisoft Montreal with the participation of Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft.  Is the third (not counting addons and spin-offs) game of the same name series of games.  The official announcement took place on June 6 2011 during the Ubisoft press conference at the E3 exhibition.  The game was released on November 29 2012 on PC Xbox360 and Play Station 3.

Far Cry 3 Game Overview: 

The main character Jason Brodie travels with friends on vacation to the unusually beautiful tropical island of Ruk Island.  After the parachute jump landing on one of the islands of the archipelago they fall into the hands of local pirates under the leadership of Vaas Montenegro – a psychopath drug addict and sadist.

At night Grant Jason’s older brother initiates with him escape using his army skills and along the way he teaches several techniques of silent movement through enemy territory.  However the escape ends in tragedy and Grant dies at the hands of Vaas who gives Jason a thirty-second jibberment as a mockery while saying “If not the jungle will be eaten by you then I”.  During the passage through the cable bridge the hero catches the pirate’s combat helicopter by surprise.  Machine-gun shots interrupt the ropes-Jason falls into the river and loses consciousness.  He is rescued by the head of the local resistance – Dennis Rogers who considers Jason a warrior for he is the only one who could escape from the pirate camp and stay alive.  Filling the guy with his first Tatau (local traditional warrior tattoo) and quickly explaining the situation Dennis draws Jason into a long war of insurgents and pirates for power over the island promising to help him free the rest of his friends.

Far Cry 3 Game Features: 

Returning to Dr. Ernhardt’s mansion Jason discovers that the mansion was set on fire as a result of the attack of the Rakyat warriors the doctor himself is mortally wounded and his friends are seized.  Arriving at the temple of Rakyat Jason faces a choice either join the Citra and become a warrior of Rakyat or free his friends.  Depending on the choice of the player two alternative endings of the game are available after which the regime of free exploration of the island 
Jason kills friends performs a ritual sexual intercourse with Citra after which she kills Jason calling him a great warrior and promising that their child will become the leader of Rakyat.
Jason frees friends an angry Dennis rushes with a machete to Jason but Citra intervenes for him and Dennis accidentally kills Jason instead of Tsitra who stood in his way.  Dying Citra confesses to Jason that he loves him.  Jason and his friends are leaving the island.

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