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By | June 11, 2017

Far Cry 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Far Cry 4 is a multi-platform video game in the Action genre and an open world developed by Ubisoft Montreal with the participation of Ubisoft Red Storm Ubisoft Toronto Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev and published by Ubisoft.  The game takes place in Kirat the fictional region of the Himalayas dominated by the self-proclaimed dictator Pagan Min.

Far Cry 4 Game Overview: 

Far in the Himalayas among the high mountains and wide valleys is the region of Kirat.  Once there was a civil war raging here – the King of Kirat and his army confronted the nationalists.  Pagan Min and his people former members of the Hong Kong Triads joined the King’s supporters and with their help the nationalists were routed.  However then Ming killed the legitimate heir to the throne and proclaimed himself the new king.  Mohan Gale a former soldier of the Royal Army organized and led the movement “Golden Path” starting an armed struggle against the impostor but soon died under mysterious circumstances.  His family – Ishwari’s wife and a young son – emigrated from Kirat to the United States.

Years later Ajay Gail the son of Mohan and Ishwari returns to Kirat to fulfill his mother’s last will and dispel her ashes in her homeland. 28  However in Kirat again it is restless the revived organization “Golden Way” again confronts Pagan Min and his people.  In addition Min learns about the arrival of his old son’s son and seems to be building his own plans for his account.  Now Ajay will remain alive in the midst of the chaos of the Civil War and play his part in the history of Kirat …

 Far Cry 4 Game Features: 

The game has 5 alternative endings.  To open the first ending when Pagan leaves at the beginning you need to wait 12 minutes then Pagan will come back and offer Ajayu to fulfill his mother’s last will namely to put the urn with the ashes of his mother next to the ashes of his sister.  After the murder / escape of Pagan Mina – Amita / Sabal himself (a) becomes a tough dictator.  If after the final credits go to the town of Tirtha (for Amita) or to the Jalenda Temple (for Sabala) you can see the corresponding video at the end of which you can even kill the new-born dictator.  Also there are two more alternative endings.  For her leave Pagan alive at the end of the game and put the mother’s ashes.  When he starts flying away there will be a few seconds to shoot down the dictator’s helicopter with an RPG.  Amita / Sabal himself (a) becomes a tough dictator.  Then there will be a mini-location in which there is a broken helicopter and the corpse of Mina from which you can take a gold pen and 250 000 krat. Rupees.

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