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Game Review: Far Cry – a computer game in the genre of a science-fiction first-person shooter developed by the German company Crytek and published by Ubisoft on March 23 2004 for personal computers running Microsoft Windows.  The game is accompanied by a level editor Sandbox 1 which allows you to create your full mission for this game.  Far Cry was sold in the amount of 730000 copies for 4 months after the release and currently sold more than 1 million copies 1.  The original PC game was later ported to game consoles.  At the present time a film on the game with the same name has already been filmed.

In 2005 a modified console version of Far Cry Instincts for Xbox came out and in 2006 Far Cry Vengeance for Wii.  However these versions of the game for game consoles were developed not by Crytek but by the Montreal division of Ubisoft – Ubisoft Montreal.  July 19 2007 Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 2 2 which is also being developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The history of the game follows former spetsnaz fighter Jack Carver who is on a mysterious island archipelago.  Jack is looking for a journalist who went missing after the attack of mercenaries on his boat.  The game includes thematic elements relating to the dangers of genetic engineering as well as the genocide of local islanders which is shown on the basis of mutants created by a mad scientist.

Far Cry Game Overview: 

The landscape in Far Cry is quite diverse.  Since the events unfold on the archipelago in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean the game has beaches rainforests thick jungles high canyons mines marshes and even an active volcano.  Interiors vary from simple huts and tent camps to ultramodern underground laboratories and the ruins of ancient temples.  Some structures are Japanese fortifications and bunkers left over from the Second World War.

September 1 2007 Ubisoft released a single version of the game for free download on the site FilePlanet.com 3 however this free version was removed as soon as non-US users started downloading the game.  According to Ubisoft this offer is no longer available.  However a free single-player version of the game is available for download on some unofficial sites such as Fileshack 4.

Far Cry Game Features: 

On January 4, 2011, a presentation entitled “CryEngine 3 – The next generation of interactive entertainment and real-time 3D technologies” was published on the Internet. It was written by Avni Erli and dated May 26, 2010. This presentation was designed to attract potential investors’ attention to Crytek and contained previously unpublished financial data of the company. In particular, it contained information about the total sales of all the games released by this time Crytek. According to this presentation, at the time of its publication Far Cry’s sales exceeded 2.5 million copies worldwide.

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