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By | June 8, 2017

Garry’s Mod Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Garry’s Mod modification for the first-person shooter Half-Life 2. This is a physical ”  Sandbox ” which allows the player to manipulate objects and experiment with physics the realism of which is provided by the Source engine.  This modification was created to demonstrate the vast capabilities of the Source engine which limits the freedom of players only by their own imagination.

For the functioning of Garry’s Mod (from version 10 up to 12) at least one more game on the Source engine (for example Half-Life 2 Counter-Strike Source or Portal) is needed.  Objects and characters Half-Life 2 are available when you buy any of them as they are included in the main distribution of the Source engine.  Accordingly other games allow Garry’s Mod to use its content.  Garry’s Mod 13 already includes Half-Life 2 so you just need to get the game.

Initially Garry’s Mod was a free modification was placed and updated by the developer on his website up to version. Since November 29 2006 Garry’s Mod has become a paid game and is distributed via Steam.  The game uses the Steam update system.  Updated monthly.  There is a public Beta version for testing before updating the main game branch.

July 29 2009 officially announced the achievements for Garry’s Mod on August 26 they were added through the next update.

In early September 2011 Harry Newman announced the largest update.  In the 13th global update Steam support was introduced the menu was reworked (now it uses the Awesomium Framework instead of the standard Source-menu) and many other changes mainly related to changing the capabilities of the Lua engine.

Garry’s Mod Game Overview: 

With the help of Garry’s Mod you can conduct any actions with objects and characters from games on the Source engine (CS S CS GO TF2 HL2 and other games from Valve) for example change textures resize copy merge  Screw the wheels change the facial expressions of characters etc. Modification provides the player with vast spaces for creativity.  Garry’s Mod 9 provided several online game modes playing football with gravelled guns shooting from the laser hunting for birds (some players play for hunters others for birds) race for watermelons etc. Garry’s Mod 10 offers modes  “Sandbox” Ascension (a two-dimensional game the task of which is to get to a certain point) Dog Fight Arcade (air battles) Fretta PropHunt Trouble in Terrorist Town.  Previously the mode of racing on watermelons was available but was removed due to its unpopularity.  Other game modes are available as separate downloadable add-ons.

Garry’s Mod Game Features: 

In the second version on December 27 2004 several tools were added
     Pistol (pistol from Half-life 2)
     357 (Magnum from Half-life 2)
     Gravity gun (Gravi-Cannon)
     Physics gun (can freeze objects)
     Crossbow (crossbow from Half-life 2)
     RPG (rocket launcher from Half-life 2).

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