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By | June 10, 2017

Gears of War Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Gears of War – a video game a third-person shooter developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios.  Originally it was an exclusive for the Xbox 360. The version of the game for Microsoft Windows was developed in conjunction with People Can Fly and came out a year later with improved graphics an additional chapter a new multiplayer mode level editor and support for Games for Windows – Live. 1

The plot of the game unfolds around the soldiers of the Delta detachment defending human settlements on the planet Sera (English Sera) from the ruthless underground enemy – the Locust Horde.  The protagonist of the game – Marcus Fenix ​​(English Marcus Fenix) a former prisoner and battle-hardened fighter.  To successfully pass the player will need to use shelters and competently think over rolling shooting.  The second player can join the campaign in cooperative mode.  The game also has several multiplayer modes for eight players.

Gears of War was sold in more than three million copies in ten weeks and was the fastest selling game of 2006 and the second most popular in Xbox Live during 2007.  By September 2008 the game was sold in five million copies.  Gears of War was well received by critics who praised the gameplay and worked graphics and won several awards “Best Game of 2006”.  The success of the game led to the continuation of the series Gears of War including released in 2008 sequel Gears of War 2 announced on April 12 2010 trikvel Gears of War 3 as well as books and comics around the world of the game.

Gears of War Game Overview: 

The game has a lot of weapons the main one is Lancer – an assault rifle with a built-in chain saw that can be used to defeat the enemy in close combat.  To accelerate the recharging of the weapon the player can apply the ability of “Active Reload” for this after pressing the reload button when the character starts the process at a certain moment it is necessary to press this key again.  If the player does not have time the weapon jams and its recovery takes more time.  If it does recharging is faster and the weapon will cause more damage for some time than usual.

When a player is injured the screen displays “Crimson Omen” – a burgundy red sign that acts as a health indicator for the character.  The more a player takes damage the brighter the indicator becomes.  In order not to perish the player must find shelter and wait until the health is restored.  If too many injuries were received the character falls to the ground and can not move.  At that moment a skull appears in the center of the sign.  If this happened in a single mode then the game ends here.  In the cooperative mode of the fallen character a second player can be raised to his feet.  However if too much time passes since the fall the wounded person will die from the loss of blood.

Gears of War Game Features: 

Gears of War is a third-person shooter with a view “from behind the
shoulder”.  The main emphasis in it is on the use of hiding by the
player so that the characters are not injured during tactical movements
in the terrain.

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