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Game Review: God of War – a series of console games in action genres Hack and slash and Action-adventure the action of which is based on its own variation of ancient Greek mythology.  The main hero of all games of the series is Kratos (English Kratos) – Spartan general who challenged the gods.  The main games of the series are developed by the studio SCE Santa Monica Studio which are the California department of Sony Computer Entertainment.

God of War Game Overview: 

The debut of the God of War series took place in March 2005 when the first game of the series God of War developed by SCE Santa Monica was released for the PlayStation 2 console.  The game was on the version of IGN on the first line of the best games on PS2.  The sequel God of War II was also developed by SCE Santa Monica and released in March 2007 also for the PlayStation 2. In June of the same year a game for mobile devices on the Java platform – God of War Betrayal was developed by Javaground.  In March 2008 the prequel for the PlayStation Portable was a prequel to the first game of the series – God of War Chains of Olympus which was developed by Ready at Dawn Studios.  God of War III was released for the PlayStation 3 on March 16 2010 in the US and March 17 in Russia.  Localizer and distributor was Soft Club.  November 2 2010 came out God of War Ghost of Sparta in chronology it is between God of War and God of War II.  September 16 2011 released a compilation of God of War Collection Volume II which includes the remakes of God of War Chains of Olympus and God of War Ghost of Sparta for the PlayStation 3 console 1.  In April 2012 was announced God of War Ascension for PlayStation 3 the game was released on March 12 2013.

Drowned in the network in April 2016 illustrations from the artist who worked on the undeclared next part of God of War suggest that the game will be based on Scandinavian mythology 2.

During the E3 2016 exhibition the eighth game in the series – God of War was presented.

God of War Game Features: 

God of War is a series of six American comics limited series in the game universe God of War.  The series was written by Marc Wolfman Andrea Sorrentino worked on the drawings and the covers for each release were made by Andy Park en.  The first five issues of God of War were published by WildStorm.  Due to the closure of the company in December 2010 the final issue was published by their parent company DC Comics.  The release of the first issue coincided with the release of the video game God of War III which was also released in March 2010.  The last issue was published in January 2011 and a compilation of all comic issues was published in March 2011.

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