Grand Theft Auto 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | June 24, 2017

Grand Theft Auto 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Grand Theft Auto III (abbreviated GTA III or GTA 3) is a computer game developed by Rockstar Limited 7 8 and released by Rockstar Games.  This is the third and the first three-dimensional game in the Grand Theft Auto series.  It was released in October 2001 on PlayStation 2 in May 2002 on personal computers (it was created on December 13 2001 as a PC version) and in November 2003 on the Xbox.  On January 4 2008 it became available for downloading via the online digital distribution service Steam 5.  The previous game of the series is Grand Theft Auto 2 and the next – Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Events Grand Theft Auto III occur in the fictional American city of Liberty City the prototype for which served as New York.  The protagonist of the game is an unnamed criminal who was the victim of a criminal conspiracy of his friend Catalina and Miguel a member of the Colombian drug cartel.  In the game there are elements of the autosimulator and shooter from the 3rd person.

The concept of the game and the gameplay combined with the use of the 3D game engine for the first time in this series of games contributed to the fact that the Grand Theft Auto III was well received by gamers and became the best-selling video game of 2001 9 and together with the subsequent games of the series Grand Theft Auto  Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has had a significant impact on the gaming industry 10 and sales of the PlayStation 2 gaming console.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Game Overview: 

Grand Theft Auto III – a game in the genre of action-adventure combining the elements of a third-person shooter and the elements of the autosimulator in a large and open to explore the game world with a classic for this genre management.

The game develops the basic ideas of the gameplay of the last game of the series – Grand Theft Auto 2 the player will have to perform mostly criminal and illegal tasks given out by various characters of the game.

Most of the missions the player receives from criminal bosses and other game characters as well as with the help of several phone booths located in the city.  But you can also get additional orders if the player gets to a certain place in the game world or sits in a certain car.  After the player receives the task he can not undertake other missions until he completes (or fails) the current one.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Game Features: 

Outside the vehicle the protagonist controlled by the player can walk run jump and also use weapons and fight hand to hand but can not swim.  Players can manage various vehicles including watercraft and airplanes.  An open environment allows players to move around freely and choose what they will do in the game world.  However in order to pass the game and open new areas of the city it is necessary to carry out story missions otherwise they are not mandatory and can be completed by the player at any time.  Outside the missions the player is free to act and move and can commit many unlawful actions in the real world kill passers-by and policemen steal and detonate cars etc. Crimes are brought to the attention of law enforcement agencies and raises the level of police search for a player.

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