Grand Theft Auto IV Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | June 24, 2017

Grand Theft Auto IV Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Grand Theft Auto IV (short GTA IV) is a multiplatform 3D computer game in the genres of action-adventure and third-person shooter with the open world the ninth in the Grand Theft Auto series released on April 29 2008 1 for two gaming consoles – PlayStation  3 and Xbox 360 also half a year later the game was ported to a PC (Microsoft Windows).  February 9 2017 became available in backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One.  Rockstar has released add-ons for the game distributing them through the online services of Xbox Live Games for Windows – Live PlayStation Network and as part of the Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City;  In these additions under the control of the player are new heroes and the plots of additions occur in parallel with the main game.

The Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in the fictional American city of Liberty City the prototype of which was New York.  In single-player story mode the player controls a hero named Nico Bellic an immigrant from Southeast Europe and a veteran of the Yugoslav War who arrived in Liberty City in search of wealth and for revenge.  Network multiplayer mode allows up to 32 players to interact on a common map performing various cooperative and competitive tasks.

Grand Theft Auto IV Game Overview: 

Over the first week of sales over 6 million copies of the game were sold for a total of $ 500 million of which $ 310 million were on the first day with production costs of about $ 100 million.  For the record in the media industry the result of sales on the first day and the first week of GTA IV was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Grand Theft Auto IV Game Features: 

The Grand Theft Auto series games are distinguished by their freedom of action including free movement across vast territories the possibility of hijacking any transport encountered and killing any seen non-player character.  When creating GTA IV developers redesigned many existing aspects and included several innovations.

As in previous games of the series the hero will perform mainly criminal tasks given out by various game characters.  Successful implementation of these missions opens the possibility of further missions new areas of the city new types of weapons etc.

In addition to the main 88 story missions in the game according to tradition there are additional secondary tasks the number of which has decreased significantly compared to the previous games of the series however their execution remained necessary for 100% of the game police missions unique jumps car hijacking missions automobile  Race mission hired killer search for hidden items (in this case – pigeons) and a number of others.


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