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Game Review:  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA: Vice City, GTA: VC) is a computer game developed by the British studio Rockstar North and the American publishing house Rockstar Games. This is the fourth and the second three-dimensional game in the series of games Grand Theft Auto. Release date October 27, 2002 in the version for PlayStation 2 and May 12, 2003 on personal computers. Studio Rockstar Vienna also ported the game for Xbox, releasing a collection of Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack, which also included the previous game of the series, Grand Theft Auto III. On January 4, 2008 the game became available for downloading via the online digital distribution service Steam [4]. In honor of the anniversary of the release of the game, on December 6, 2012 Rockstar released a special version of the game for mobile devices running operating systems iOS and Android [5] [6]. Porting involved the company War Drum Studios. January 29, 2013 was released ported version of the game with PlayStation 2 for PlayStation 3 and distributed through the PlayStation Network.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City events take place in the fictional American city of Weiss City, the prototype for which was Miami, in 1986 - the visual style of the game, especially clothing, music and transportation, reflects this, sometimes with elements of elegant parody. [7] The protagonist of the game is Tommy Versetti, who fell prey to the conspiracy of his criminal boss Sonny Forelli.The concept of the game and the gameplay in combination with the use of the 3D game engine, contributed to the fact that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City became the best-selling video game of 2002 [8] and one of the most profitable computer games in history

GTA Vice City Game Overview: 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - a game in the genre of action-adventure, combining elements of a third-person shooter and auto-simulator elements in a large and open for exploration gaming world, with a classic for this genre management. The game develops the basic ideas of the gameplay of the previous games of the series - Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto III: the player will have to perform, mostly criminal and illegal tasks, given out by different characters of the game. Most of the missions the player receives from criminal bosses and other game characters, as well as with the help of several phone booths located in the city. Also, the player can get additional tasks if he gets to a certain place in the game world or sits in a certain car. After the player receives the task, he can not undertake other missions until he completes (or fails) the current one.

GTA Vice City Game Features: 

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Game An open environment allows players to move around freely and choose what they will do in the game world. However, in order to go through the game and open new areas of the city, it is necessary to carry out story missions, otherwise they are not mandatory and can be completed by the player at any time. Outside the missions, the player is free to act and move, and can commit many unlawful actions in the real world: kill passers-by and policemen, steal and detonate cars, etc. Crimes are brought to the attention of law enforcement agencies and raises the level of police search for a player. In the game interface, it is reflected as an "asterisk" in the right corner of the game screen - each level has a certain number of "stars". At the minimum level of tracing, minimal police forces are sent to catch the protagonist, and with an increase in the search level, a police helicopter will be sent to catch the player to the police's help, at 3 levels of search, at SWAT, at 5 - agents of the FBI, at 6 - The US Army with the support of tanks. To get rid of the search, it is possible to repaint the car in the paint shop, changing the clothes of the protagonist (with the help of the T-shirt badge in some clothing stores and places of conservation) - if the search level is not more than 2 points - or taking a police bribe in the form of a star - it reduces the search level by one point .

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