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Halo 2 Game Review: Halo 2 is a game in the genre of a first-person shooter developed by Bungie Studios Microsoft Game Studios and published by Microsoft on May 31 2007 for Windows Vista.  Also a special edition for Windows XP was released in which the campaign was curtailed and system requirements simplified significantly.  Before this game was released on Xbox on November 9 2004.  This is the second game from the series Halo and the sequel Halo Combat Evolved.  The player is offered the roles of the man Master Chifa (the protagonist of the first game) and the Arbitrator Elite in the conflict of the 26th century between the human UNSC (Space Command of the United Nations) and the Covenant (the union of alien races).

Halo 2 Game Overview: 

Immediately after the release Halo 2 became the most popular game in Xbox Live and held it until the release of Gears of War for Xbox 360 released two years later.  By June 20 2006 more than 500 million games were played in Halo 2 and more than 710 million hours of playing in Xbox Live were spent;  By May 9 2011 the number of new players increased by more than 5 million.  In November 2008 Halo 2 was voted the best selling game for the sixth generation.  It sold 8.46 million copies worldwide of which at least 6.3 million copies in the US.  Critics took the game mostly positively with a wide public praise for a strong multiplayer component at the same time the campaign was at the center of criticism for its tattered ending.

 Halo 2 Game Features:

Halo 2 – story action packed shooter in the first person.  The game demonstrates an expanded set of machines along with other changes in the gameplay in comparison with its predecessor.  In the original Halo there were separate indicators of health and shield.  In Halo 2 the health indicator is no longer visible but the player’s shields are restored faster if they do not take damage.

New features in Halo 2
Certain types of weapons can now be taken in both hands while the accuracy decreases and the possibility of using grenades and hand-to-hand attacks disappears.
New weapons appeared both from the side of the UNSC (M7 submachine gun) and from the Covenant side (the Rifle Rifle the Covenant Carbine etc.).  Allied soldiers can take their weapons in return giving their own – while the weapons should not be of the same type.
Both sides of the conflict have new models of equipment.  So the UNSC on arms appeared a modification of the “Wart” shooting armor-piercing cartridges.  In the Covenant motor vehicle fleet the “Spirit” transport shuttle was replaced by a more versatile “Phantom” an analog of the human “Warthog” and “Delusion” appeared.  The machines of people unlike the first game are now subject to destruction as well as the Covenant machines.
The player and other characters have the opportunity to take on board any (except flight) technique either by killing or throwing her pilot out of the transport.


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