Just Cause 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | June 25, 2017

Just Cause 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Just Cause 3 – open-world 6 action-adventure is a video game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix.  Announced on November 11 2014. Is the sequel to the 2010 game Just Cause 2. Released on December 1 2015 on Microsoft Windows and the latest generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 7

The protagonist of the game is Rico Rodriguez and the place of action of the game is the fictional island of the Mediterranean Medici which is his home. 8  Rico will confront the brutal control of dictator General Sebastiano Di Ravello who wants to rule the world on a map of the size comparable to that of Just Cause 2 – 400 square miles (1000 km2). 9  However the amount of travel has been expanded to allow the player more vertical freedom – now you can explore underground caves and climb buildings realistically and efficiently. 10  The world will consist of five major ecosystems with unique landscapes and sights.

Just Cause 3 Game Overview: 

It was also confirmed that such sign features of Just Cause 2 like the catching hook and the parachute will again be in business and acquire improved mechanics and the focus on the crash and insane physics will persist.  Among other things a wingsuit will be added 10 12 from which it will also be possible to cling to the ground when approaching it and again taking off. 13  You can switch between parachute and wingsuit. 14  There will also be RPGs rocket launchers warplanes ships unusual cars. 15  Machines can be customized and used as weapons.  Other details of the mechanics have also been updated for example the in-game currency has been ruled out which will make the supply dump more comfortable and creative for the player.  However this will affect the difficulty if the player chooses to ride a tank the AI’s artificial intelligence adapts to its strength and changes its weapons so that it is possible to hit the tank. 8  Another feature is the “infinite C4” in contrast to the previous parts which required the purchase of C4 this part will make this weapon more chaos. 8  Now Rico can connect several objects including people with a hook. 16  The parachute can be used for firing from the air. 17  Now you can move on top of a moving vehicle. 14  The new mechanic Destruction Frenzy will set new targets and tests after the destruction of the enemy base. 18  You can quickly teleport between captured cities and bases.

Just Cause 3 Game Features: 

The development of the game began in 2012. 23  The development of the game Just Cause 3 was hosted by the studio Avalanche Studios in New York which has 75 full-time employees while the main studio in Sweden is focused on Mad Max which was announced in 2013. 24  The management of the game was improved with the participation of members from Criterion Games developer of the popular game Burnout joined the studio and worked on transport management. 25  The inspiration for asynchronous multiplayer is taken from racing games like Need for Speed ​​and Forza Horizon 2 while the mechanics of “Destruction Frenzy” are inspired by Red Faction. 26  The inspiration also came from Just Cause 2 modding community. As a result upgrades will be called mods. 27

When the game was being developed the studio collected photos of the Mediterranean and sent a team to several islands to get the best information coverage of the area.  The environment of the game is inspired by the landscape of Monaco and the south of the Mediterranean.  Avalanche Studios designated these areas as an “unused resource” over which other developers have not worked yet.  To depict the world of dictatorship game developers have picked up a specific color scheme with the predominance of gray yellow red for a sense of “oppression.” 28  The size of the world is the same as Just Cause 2 but the content is denser. 29  The destructibility of the environment is improved as according to the company it improves cinematography and game mechanics increasing freedom of action.  Using more advanced technologies the company will create a better mechanics of destruction on a larger scale.


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