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Need for Speed Carbon Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Carbon (NFSC Need for Speed Carbon NFSC) is a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the arcade auto-simulator genre developed by the EA Black Box studio and published by Electronic Arts in 2006.  In Russia Need for Speed Carbon was published by the company “1C-SoftKlab” completely in Russian 1.  The game is the sequel to Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005.

The game takes place in the city of Palmont where the player like Most Wanted is given freedom of movement.  According to the plot the protagonist must win races in urban areas and build a team to understand the history of the stolen bag of money.  The action is again carried over at night.  The main innovations in Need for Speed Carbon are the opportunity to assemble a team of riders and capture areas.  Also in Carbon for the first time appears the tuning system Autosculpt.  Unlike the previous part of the game the police in Carbon are less active and the main focus is on racing and car tuning.

Need for Speed Carbon Game Overview: 

Development Need for Speed Carbon began after the release of Need for Speed Most Wanted.  The game was conceived as a direct continuation of the previous part of the series with various improvements and innovations.  Carbon was also developed for consoles of a new generation – PlayStation 3 and Wii and during the development has undergone a number of changes.  Need for Speed Carbon received mostly positive reviews from critics.  Of the merits of the game reviewers refer to the gameplay and extensive options for customizing cars but criticize police chases and race with bosses.  In 2009 3.2 million copies of Need for Speed Carbon were sold 3.

Need for Speed Carbon Game Features: 

Like the previous parts of the series the gameplay in Need for Speed Carbon focuses on street racing.  As in the previous game in Carbon the player can freely travel around the city which is called Palmont.  In addition to traffic cars street racers ~ 1 ride around with a duel.  The player can both accept the challenge and refuse.  In the event of an agreement the player selects one of the available finishing features on the card.  If a player wins a race he gets a reward of 1000 cash.  Depending on the activity of the teams in the districts the riders can drive more often or less frequently;  Usually if the territory is not under the influence of the player’s team then the rivals are more likely to meet in order to arrange a duel.  In addition to street racers in the city you can find pictograms indicating the place of the race;  Their appearance depends on what type of competition they are.  The city also hosts player shelters.  At the beginning of the game there is only one refuge but as others go others are available.  In the city you can find car dealerships that open after passing several races in one or another area.  In car dealers a player can buy a new car for their career advancement.  As in Need for Speed Most Wanted the game provides a preview of messages that during the career mode send bosses assistants and various riders.  Messages can contain tips for the player information about upcoming events and races as well as topics for talking individual teams and riders.

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