Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | June 22, 2017

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (NFSHP) is a video game from the Need for Speed ​​series in the genre of arcade autosimulator developed by the company Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Windows Wii  Android bada and iPhone 3 4.  Wii-version of the game developed by Exient 5.  In North America the game was released on November 16 2010 in Europe and Australia – on November 19 6 7.  Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 is a remake of the original Hot Pursuit.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Game Overview: 

Hot Pursuit is close to the roots of the Need for Speed ​​series returning to the game exotic cars and police chases.  In Hot Pursuit you can play as a policeman and for a rider and includes a full career mode for both sides.  Relations between police officers and riders are described as “chasing a dog after a rabbit” with more powerful police officers than riders.  Each side has several bonuses including calling a roadblock and radar interference.  The game takes place in a fictional place called Seacrest County (Seacrest district) 9.  Seacrest County has more than 100 miles (160 km) of open roads and this is four times more than Paradise City the city of Burnout Paradise.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 Game Features: 

The game features two campaigns (for police and for racers) of approximately the same duration.Chase runs throughout the game map.
Hot Pursuit also has a new social interaction system called “Autolog” which is described as “Facebook for the game” 11.  The game provides the opportunity to play both in single and multiplayer (with up to eight players) game modes.  Alternatively in multiplayer mode a player can record their achievements on the Autolog channel for friends to see if they can then beat that record.  Autolog also contains a system of experience points called Bounty 12.  Other features include the ability to add custom soundtracks to the game 13.
The game has an open world system.  In order to enter press CTRL on the map in the Career.


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