Need for Speed Most Wanted Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | June 21, 2017

Need for Speed Most Wanted Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Most Wanted a Criterion Game (Need for Speed) a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the genre of arcade autosimulator developed by the British studio Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for gaming consoles personal computers and  Mobile devices in 2012.  In 2013 the project was released for the Wii U game console called Need for Speed Most Wanted U. The 2012 game is the Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 restart.

Need for Speed Most Wanted combines street races and police chases.  The action takes place in the city of Fairhaven.  The main feature of the game is the opportunity to find cars in the city approaching their shift points.  The player can race competitions and play on the network using the Autolog function.  In Need for Speed Most Wanted there are extensive opportunities for online gaming a store chat and the ability to compete with other players for the title of leader in the list of Most Wanted.

Development Need for Speed Most Wanted was conducted in 2011 by the company Criterion Games after the delay of the studio EA Black Box.  This game was the first in a series for the eighth generation of gaming systems and during the creation of the project the network capabilities were significantly improved.  After the release of Need for Speed Most Wanted received positive feedback from critics.  Of the merits of the game there were graphics an open world and an interesting multiplayer game on the net but the single-player game was criticized.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Game Overview: 

The player can freely travel around the city with the name Fairhaven which is a wide city streets and parks as well as industrial centers and highways with picturesque landscapes.  There are no strict rules in the game;  The player can randomly choose the race to participate.  For winnings in the race the player receives certain improvements for the car as well as the Speed ​​Points (SP) points required for passing the game and racing with Most Wanted cars.  In the city a player can shoot down billboards gates and pass before photoradars and also break away from the police for which he also receives SP.  In the city you can find new cars and races.  To climb up the list of suspected riders of illegal immigrants you have to earn SP leaving chasing or winning races.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Game Features: 

The main elements of the network game are a constantly running match in which the player gains points group games various modes a well-developed rating system and a huge number of awards and improvements.  In the game there are no screens of the foyer.  In between competitions players can do anything.

By connecting to Autolog the player can drive around the city in the network game lobby.  The meaning is the same as in the usual game but there is no police racing car change points and the opportunity to repaint having stopped by the workshop.  The player opens colors and tuning for passing tasks such as several wins in a row on this machine knocking out other racers and so on.  In the lobby the player can ride with friends and play SpeedList (a series of five consecutive races and tests created by the player) and in an open game with random players whose SpeedList will play everything is selected randomly.  In a multiplayer game there are 5 ways to stand out License Plate Rival Cars Ridiculous Riding Knocking out an opponent “Jump” abilities (Multicolored drift marks and smoke in a jump only in DLC Terminal Velocity)



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