Need for Speed Nitro Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | June 22, 2017

Need for Speed Nitro Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Nitro – a video game in the genre of arcade autosimulator published by Electronic Arts for Wii and Nintendo DS gaming platforms in 2009.  This is the first branch of the Need for Speed ​​series as well as the first and only part of the series released exclusively for Nintendo gaming systems.

The game is an arcade race with several modes police harassment cars from world famous manufacturers and the possibilities of their tuning and styling.  In Need for Speed Nitro there is also a multiplayer version for 12 players on the network.  In the arcade there are various features innovations and different from other games of the series visual style.

Need for Speed Nitro Game Overview: 

The first thing that catches your eye when you start Nitro is styling.  Developers do not focus on realism but simply on the picture 1.  There is a mode of Own It allowing you to color the world around (provided that you are leading in the race).  “Coloring” is the appearance on the walls of buildings graffiti 2.  This game series Need for Speed ​​is designed for casual audience.  Players will be able to receive additional accelerators as a reward for performing risky maneuvers and use them to change the course of the race but do not forget about the police.  As in ProStreet here give points – for the nitrous oxide deft control and skillful arrivals.  The game features trails in real world countries such as Brazil Egypt Spain Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Need for Speed Nitro Game Features: 

The project was developed by the studios EA Montreal for Wii and
Firebrand Games for DS in parallel with Need for Speed Shift from
Slightly Mad Studios.  The creators decided to make a spin-off series
Need for Speed designed for a wide audience.  The game received mostly
positive reviews of the game press.  Observers praised the
auto-simulator for the gameplay and visual style but at the same time
divided in opinions about racing and driving.  In 2010 the sequel was
released – Need for Speed Nitro-X.


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