Need for Speed ProStreet Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Need for Speed ProStreet Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed ProStreet is a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the genre of arcade autosimulator developed by the studios EA Black Box and Exient Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts in 2007 for consoles computers  And mobile phones.  In Russia the game was published by the company “1C-SoftKlab” voiced in Russian by Nikolai Fomenko.

Need for Speed ProStreet uses a completely new engine 2.  The emphasis in the game is shifted from arcade races to realistic competitions.  The function “Autosculpt” first introduced in Need for Speed Carbon underwent a number of changes 3.  ProStreet has a realistic damage system up to the complete destruction of the car which was absent in many previous parts of the series.  The police were removed and the opportunity to ride freely.  Also in the game there was a division of cars in racing classes and characteristics so for those or other races it is necessary to have suitable cars for the requirements.

Need for Speed ProStreet Game Overview: 

The player throughout the Career participates in the weekends in each of which you need to win a certain number of races.  In total the game has three large racing organizations Battle Machine (9 weekends 2 of them qualifying);  React Team Sessions (11 weekends 2 of them qualifying) and Super Promotion (13 weekends 1 of them qualifying).  In the weekends for the passage of races are given points depending on how well the player rode the track.  In most weekends when you receive half the required number of points the title “Victory” is awarded after which the player can choose one of five markers which can contain repair tokens tuning prize money and a car badge.  In all the weekends when the required number of points is reached the title “Leader” is awarded after which the player chooses one of the four remaining prize markers.  After receiving this title the player can continue to participate in the weekend or exit it.  In the case of exit points earned in the weekend are lost.  To advance in the Career you need to win in the weekends and their finals after which open new cars in the showroom.

Need for Speed ProStreet Game Features: 

The game was developed in parallel with Need for Speed Carbon and lasted 2 years.  The team decided to change the concept of street racing to legal competitions in order to attract a larger audience.  After the release of Need for Speed ProStreet received mixed reviews from the game press.  Of the merits noted graphics tuning and a large selection of cars but criticized were the gameplay artificial intelligence and plot.  For 2009 2.4 million copies of Need for Speed ProStreet 4 were sold.

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