Need for Speed The Run Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Need for Speed The Run Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed The Run – a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the genre of arcade autosimulator with elements of action developed by the studios EA Black Box and Firebrand Games and published by Electronic Arts in 2011 for gaming  Consoles personal computers and mobile phones.  In Russia Need for Speed The Run was published by the company “1C-SoftKlab” completely in Russian.

According to the plot of the game the protagonist Jack Rourke was attacked by the mafia and forced to participate in a race called “The Run” starting in San Francisco and ending in New York to save his life.  Need for Speed The Run combines street races with police persecution.  In addition the game features interactive actions Quick Time Event with which the player must move on the plot.  The version for consoles Wii and 3DS is significantly different both in the game and the plot plan.

The developers decided to develop innovative ideas and opportunities in the game for which the main direction of the team was the use of the game engine Frostbite Engine 2. Need for Speed The Run received a variety of feedback from the game press.  Some observers praised the beautiful trails and innovations in the gameplay but others were disappointed in artificial intelligence and short duration.

Need for Speed The Run Game Overview: 

In “The Run” players will participate in a race that is held illegally and has high stakes.  To participate in the race you need to pay 250 thousand dollars.  The race starts in San Francisco ends in New York and will pass through the cities of Las Vegas Denver Chicago Cleveland and others.  In the game there is no division of races into sprint drift etc. The whole race consists of 10 stages each of which will have to win back positions from other riders.  In addition the game remains the “Checkpoint” mode which almost did not change and so-called “Battles” in which the player battles for places with the strongest racers.  In total “The Run” involved 211 riders including the main character.  Starting in San Francisco in the last position the player gradually reaches the top in New York.  The winner receives 25 million dollars.  Also in the game there is a repeat mode from the last checkpoint.  It automatically sends to the last checkpoint if the player crashed went to the other side or was arrested.  The player can turn it on himself.  The number of repetitions is limited.  If all are lost then the end of the game will come and the race (stage) will have to start again.  Also the game stands out strongly against the background of its previous parts by the presence in some stages of the QTE mode in which it is necessary to press the necessary keys to move on the scene in the scene (for example controlling the main character to run from the policeman along the street or get out of the inverted car that fell on the railway  way).

Need for Speed The Run  Game Features: 

The game begins with an attempt to kill the main character Jack Rourke by pressing it together with the car in a car dump.  Because of his scandalous nature he is stuck in debt and owes a lot of money to the mafia.  Getting out of the press Jack steals the white Audi RS4 and successfully hides from the Mafia.  Then the action goes to the cafe where Jack learns from his girlfriend Samantha Harper about a large-scale race from San Francisco to New York called “The Run”.  In the “Run” involved about 200 riders and the race is extended by 5000 kilometers and the main prize is $ 25000000.  Jack understands that this race is his only hope of salvation.  Jack is provided with a small selection of cars.  After choosing a car Jack goes to the first run “The Run”.  Soon he learned that he needed to get to Las Vegas among the first 150 riders.  Overtaking rivals Jack in Las Vegas meets Mila Belova and Nikki.  They managed to outwit him and the first leaving Jack drove to Las Vegas.  But still he manages to get to the first 150. The main opponent of Jack is Marcus Blackwell.  Marcus from the rich Chicago family his uncle is the head of the mafia.  In New York there is a “battle” between Jack and Marcus but later the car of Marcus is broken before the finish.  So Jack wins in “The Run”.  After 8 hours he is in Brooklyn.  Sam while on vacation says that everything in chocolate offers another dangerous trip.  After the final credits it shows how Jack departs from the police telling Samantha that his deeds are magnificent and it becomes clear that Jack agreed to her proposal.

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