Need for Speed Shift Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Need for Speed Shift Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review:  Need
for Speed: Shift (Stylized Need for Speed: SHIFT) is a video game of
the Need for Speed series in the genre of the auto simulator developed
by Slightly Mad Studios and EA Bright Light and published by Electronic
Arts for gaming consoles, personal computers and mobile devices in 2009.
After insufficiently high estimates Need for Speed Undercover 4 5 it was decided to entrust the development of the next part to another team – Slightly Mad Studios some of the employees previously worked on autosimulators GT Legends and GTR 2. The official announcement took place on March 4

According to the developers special attention will be paid to the realistic management of cars during development 6 7.  The creators of the game emphasize the “simulator” part it was said that the game will implement a new nitrous oxide injection system that can be flexibly adjusted the settings of the “behavior” and power of the car will become much more detailed than before.  There will be a choice of aerodynamic components tires and brakes differential as well as tuning the gearbox to participate in the race.

September 21 2009 was a demo version of the game for personal computers and October 1 – for gaming consoles 8.  October 9 2009 the game became available in the digital distribution store Steam 9.  On October 16 2009 Electronic Arts announced some details of the game’s release on the iPhone there will be about 20 cars and 28 tracks in the game 10.

Need for Speed Shift Game Overview: 

November 23 2009 Electronic Arts company announced the release of a new addition to the game called Team Racing.  It was originally announced that it will appear only on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 11 however on December 2 on the official site there was a message about the release of the Team Racing patch for personal computers 12 13.  A distinctive feature of this add-on was the addition of a command mode game.  Players were given the opportunity to group up to 6 players.  In addition new cars were added to the game.

Need for Speed Shift Game Features: 

In addition to the multiplayer mode the game contains a “classic” career mode designed for a single player.  In it there was a place not only to a set of different types of competitions but also to the special assignments that the racer receives during the race for example a player can be forced to overtake some of the cars on the track.  There is also the accumulation of money to buy a new car – with the best cars appear only in the second half.

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