Need For Speed Undercover Review Trailer GamePlay ScreenShots


Need For Speed Undercover Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Undercover – Twelfth game in the series Need For Speed released in November 2008 developed by the studio EA Black Box.  The Need for Speed ​​Undercover storyline is revealed using video clips displayed between the races during which federal agent Chase Lynne (her role is played by Maggie Kew known for the films “Mission Impossible 3” and “Die Hard 4”) recruits the player to work under  Cover for the purpose of exposing an international criminal syndicate.  The player is given freedom of movement around the city of Tri-City with a total length of about 160 km.  From the innovations in the game you can highlight the increase in driving skills (like role-playing games) and the new mode of “Battle on the highway.”  The main drawback of the game in the gaming media is mainly called its excessive simplicity.  Interestingly the control of the machines depends on whether they are on the turn or not they are very slow on the straight and on the sharp turns on the contrary they are very Yurki.  The game unlike its predecessors has a longer development time – 16 months since since the summer of 2007 the NFS development team has been divided into 2 teams that will release games alternately.  As a result the new games of the series should have a 24-month production cycle instead of 12 while maintaining the annual output.

Need For Speed Undercover Game Overview: 

The gras begins with the chase scene for one of the street riders who manages to hide from the police.  Then the action is transferred to the Palm Harbor police station where at the moment there is a protagonist presumably a police officer who is hired under cover to find and expose auto-hijackers.  At the beginning the player is given a car Nissan 240SX (S13).  The goal of the main character is to gain respect among street racers and through them to find links with an international gang of hijacking cars.  The fact that he is an agent under the guise of no one knows – no police colleagues no riders.  Earning respect in the streets of Palm Harbor (the first city) we go to the organizer of the races of Hector Mayo.  In addition he has a brother – Zach Mayo whose girlfriend – Carmen Mendes – falls in love with the main character.  At this moment Chase confronts the main character with the task to get into the confidence of Hector and to find out his connections with the world of auto-hijackers.  After a couple of races Hector’s brother splits about “family business”.  After a few hijackings Hector claims that he has nothing to do with the international market for stolen cars so Chase Lynn orders to “get rid” of Hector for the company taking both his brother and then the witnesses.  Next we go to the next area of ​​Sunset Hills where the goal is the same

Need For Speed Undercover  Game Features:

Life on the Verge You are a street racing player and this illegal sport is not for ordinary people!  Your goal is to earn trust in this environment.  Get accustomed and you will pass through all the circles of criminal races!
To feel like a target Even the police do not know that you are an undercover worker and you will be hunted for as a simple street racing.
A huge metropolis Three-City consists of three cities that are connected by huge highways.  You have to travel hundreds of kilometers this is your arena for chase and illegal races!
Advanced graphics City drowning in colors sparkling sports cars hundreds of kilometers of roads and expressways – it all looks like a live shot.  You will often feel in the role of a real special agent on the most dangerous task!

Collective races In collective races you can perform both as a rider and as a policeman!


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