Need For Speed Underground 2 Review Trailer GamePlay ScreenShots

By | June 7, 2017

Need For Speed Underground 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Need for Speed Underground 2 is a video game of the Need for Speed ​​series in the genre of arcade autosimulator developed by the EA Black Box studio and published by Electronic Arts for gaming consoles and personal computers in 2004.  The game is the sequel to Need for Speed Underground.  In Russia Need for Speed Underground 2 was published by the company “1C-SoftKlab” initially with Russian documentation and since 2006 completely in Russian 1.The game process in Need for Speed Underground 2 adheres to the main aspects of the predecessor the player will participate in street racing earning money and receiving respect from other riders.  In the sequel the car tuning capabilities are significantly improved which plays an important role in the passage.  In addition the game introduced such innovations as the mode of free riding and jeeps.  In the mode of career there is a story in which the main character participates in races on the streets of Bayview and tries to defeat a serious opponent – Caleb.

Development Need for Speed Underground 2 was conducted after the release of a successful hit – Need for Speed Underground.  Thanks to good reviews and sales of the game the developers decided to create a sequel.  After the release Need for Speed Underground 2 like the first part received positive reviews from critics.  The project was praised for the interesting gameplay graphics and music but criticism was subjected to the lack of police and the length of the passage.  The game was accompanied by commercial success – in 2009 more than 6 million copies were sold.

Need For Speed Underground 2 Game Overview:

Events in Need for Speed Underground 2 as in the previous part of the series occur at night.  The gameplay is focused on street racing.  The main mode of the game is “Career” in which the player must win in the competition moving on the plot.  In it there are 5 stages that open depending on the number of races passed.  In this mode you can freely travel around the fictional city of Bayview the road which the player can see on the map.  On the streets of the city traffic cars drive.  In addition to them you can meet street racers with each of which you can arrange a race the goal in which is to overtake the opponent and break away from him for 300 meters.  If successful the player receives 100 250 or 400 cash (depending on the number of stages passed).  In case of a loss the money is taken from the player.  In addition in the city you can find the location of the race (glowing circles with a pictogram that determines the type of race).  Also during free driving the player can send messages to street racers who report on races that are not marked on the map.

Need For Speed Underground 2 Game Features:

Need for Speed Underground 2 provides a mode of multiplayer games on the Internet.  Network game is available on the platforms of PlayStation 2 Xbox and on personal computers.  For Xbox you can subscribe to the Xbox Live service.  In a multiplayer game you can choose from such types of races as “Ring” “Sprint” “Drag Racing” and “Drifting”.  As in a single game in a game on the network you can tune a car and choose a route for racing.  Servers of the multiplayer game Need for Speed Underground 2 were officially closed by Electronic Arts in 2006 the announcement of the closed servers was introduced much later and EA Games published a list of all the closed servers until 2010 2.

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