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By | June 7, 2017

Prototype 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Prototype 2 Game is a computer game in the genre of science fiction action with elements of RPG developed by Radical Entertainment.  The release took place on April 24 2012 for PS3 Xbox 360 July 22 2015 for the PS4 platform July 14 2015 for the Xbox One platform.  The sequel to Prototype. Sergeant James Heller (English James Heller) was in the “hot spot” in the Middle East.  In New York he was waiting for the family – daughter Amaya and wife Colette.  On the phone Colette tells her husband that there is an epidemic again in the city.  Heller tries to calm his wife saying that he will return soon and the family will leave the city until things get better.  However after returning home James discovers that his family died during the epidemic.  He blames Alex Mercer a terrorist known all over the city for eager to kill him believing him to be dead and being volunteered for a suicide mission in the center of the Red Zone in Manhattan.  But the BTR with the military in which Heller is is knocked down by a burned-out car.  All the soldiers except for Heller die.  After a failed attempt to slaughter Mercer with a knife Heller begins to follow him incidentally meeting almost the entire fauna of the “Red Zone” infected birds (Flyouts) Krikun (analogue of the Hunter from the first part of the game) Goliath (the huge monster with a shield on his left limb  It sweeps everything in its path).  Also Mercer knocks down a military helicopter from which Heller evades.  James successfully avoids all threats then kills Screamer who threw him at him with a knife.  After he again meets Mercer but the attempt to kill him again fails Alex infects the protagonist.

Prototype 2 Game Overview: 

The furious epidemic was stopped the city was saved.  Chaos ended after the explosion off the coast.  But after 14 months the Mercer virus as the Gentech corporation has christened it flares up again in the city.  “Black Watch” (English Black Watch) “iron fist” begins to restore order in New York 2 but a virus outbreak in 72 hours has spread throughout the city.  And the former New York and now New York Zero is divided into three zones – “Red” (the abode of Mercer) “Yellow” (the abode of the survivors) and “Green” (the stall of the Dozor and Gentek).

Prototype 2 Game Features:

Warning during the passage of the game of storylines can be simultaneously two so the story described below may not coincide with the development of events in some players


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