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Resident Evil 5 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Resident Evil 5 is a video game developed and published by Capcom.  Resident Evil 5 is the seventh game in the main series Resident Evil released in Japan on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 5 2009 in the US and Europe March 13 2009. The version for personal computers (Games for Windows) was released September 15 2009 in  USA September 17 in Japan and September 18 in Europe.  The right to publish the game in Russia belongs to the company 1C versions for Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 were released in English the version on Windows contains Russian and English localization 1.  Presented and console exclusive the most complete edition of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and PC and the most complete version of Resident Evil 5 Move Edition with support for PS Move controller only for PlayStation 3. Gold Edition includes downloadable content “Lost In  Nightmares “and” Desperate Escape “.  Gold Edition also includes previously released content “Versus Mode” four new suits and an additional mode of “Mercenaries” – “Reunion of mercenaries.”
The game process in Resident Evil 5 is similar to the game process from the previous numbered part of Resident Evil 4. The graphics of players enemies terrain the nature of the damage are significantly improved however the weaknesses of the previous part went into a new game for example the inability to aim and shoot on the run.

Resident Evil 5 Game Overview: 

Like the previous part the game is divided into small chapters conventionally combined into 6 larger chapters.  Before the beginning of each chapter and after restarting from the control point the player enters the equipment menu where he can buy sell or improve his weapons (the traveling merchants in this part have been removed) sell the treasure and choose the equipment with which the game will start in the current  Chapter.  All the extracted equipment is stored in a practically dimensionless warehouse and the player’s inventory is only 9 cells which makes it similar to the one that was in the early parts of the game.  Already passed chapters can be replayed choosing any complexity.  Using the inventory during the game has become more realistic since now its opening does not stop the gameplay.  The choice of objects should be tried more quickly since a player with an open inventory remains helpless for enemies.  The map is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and its viewing also does not stop the game.  The quest element is minimized the main emphasis in the game is on battles.  Riddles have also practically disappeared and with the exception of one small puzzle they all boil down to the elementary search for keys.  The found keys do not take up space in the inventory but are simply displayed in the corner of the screen and applied automatically.  Management of special complexity does not represent you can quickly get used to it.  You can play both on the keyboard and on the gamepad.  The advantage of the keyboard is of course in the ability to change the controls and make it more convenient for the player the gamepad only provides for changing the types of controls rather than individual buttons.  The game has a cooperative passage (both in the storyline and in the “Mercenaries”) and it’s worth noting this was a very powerful plus of the game which brought together thousands of players around the world which certainly played into the hands of the entire series.  In the mode of “Mercenaries” (except for the possibility of playing on the network) there are more cards and characters than in Resident evil 4. There are eight cards and ten characters in total (more precisely 4 characters with different costumes and weapons).

Resident Evil 5 Game Features:

In Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Exella leave the dungeon and sail away on a huge TriCell tanker.  Chris and Sheva penetrate the tanker guarded by a lot of soldiers-majinis.  On the tanker the agents discover the “Uroboros” plan which was to infect the whole world with the “Uroboros” virus.  The virus had to select a group of the most genetically adapted people and bring them to a new level of development and their new master was to become Wesker.  The rest of humanity was planned to be turned into mutants the main purpose of which would be the search for new objects of infection.  Wesker drew his ideas from the ideas of the former Spencer who was killed by him who in an effort to bring out the race of superhumans founded Umbrella Corporation and carried out the research project Wesker’s Children (Wesker himself is the only known surviving fruit of that project which explains his ability to assimilate viruses).  In addition Chris and Sheva find in the tanker’s laboratory a vaccine called “PG67-A / W”.


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