Serious Sam The Second Encounter Game Review Trailer GamePlay ScreenShots


Serious Sam The Second Encounter Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Serious Sam The Second Encounter the second episode of the Serious Sam series of first-person shooters developed by Croatian studio Croteam on the same engine that  And the first part.  Contrary to the common misconception “The Second Coming” is not the second number game of the series but a sequel and an independent addon to The First Encounter with which it forms one game. 1

In 2010 a remake of the game was released called Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter with improved graphics on the engine Serious Engine.

Serious Sam The Second Encounter Game Overview: 

The gameplay of this part of the game is not very different from The First Encounter except for the added innovations.  So the player has new types of weapons a chainsaw a flamethrower a sniper rifle and a “serious bomb”.  In addition to these Power Up (Power Up) has been added – special bonuses such as invulnerability increased player movement speed and weapon damage.  There are also several new types of enemies.

As in the previous part there is a system of “secrets” each of which adds 10000 points.  It can be secret ammunition / health various secret rooms jokes from developers or traps of enemies.

Externally the design levels in the positive side is different from the first part.  The developers slightly modified the engine and made the picture more juicy and colorful.  A little monotonous Egypt was replaced by greenery and colorful prairies valleys and Gothic temples.  At some levels of the game one of the distinguishing features of the Serious Engine engine was used the changed gravity when a player and opponents could move along the ceiling or chaotically rush from side to side contrary to the usual laws of physics.

Serious Sam The Second Encounter Game Features: 

The game begins with the ending of the previous episode when Sam went to Sirius on a spaceship.  Sam’s ship was damaged by a “bus with boxes Croteam” and fell to Earth.  Sam landed in Central America in the age of the Mayan civilization.  However not everything is lost the Sirians left a spare ship on Earth.  Since the ship is in the future Sam needs to find the Sirian Temporary Portals which will help him achieve the goal.  To this end Sam explores Mesoamerica Mesopotamia and finally central Europe where the ship is stored.  Along the way Sam defeats the two guards of the Provisional Portals the God of the Wind of the Kukulcan and the biomechanical creature Larva-exotech.  Finally before the Cathedral of the Holy Blood Sam fights Mordechai the Exorcist the last obstacle before the Holy Grail.  In the Cathedral Sam finds the Holy Grail and then confesses to the sins of Mentala in the confession booth promising to “come after him.”

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