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Silent Hill Homecoming Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Silent Hill Homecoming is a multiplatform computer game in the genres of survival horror and adventure action movie developed by the American company Double Helix Games and published by Konami.  It represents the sixth part of the Silent Hill series 17 18.  The game with the subtitle Silent Hill V was officially announced at the E³ Media and Business Summit 2007. In the US the game was released on September 30 2008 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On the PC it appeared on November 6 2008 and was distributed through the digital distribution system Steam.  In Russia the game on all platforms was published in English by 1C-SoftKlab.  It was also planned to release the project in Japan but in the end it was canceled.

The game tells of Alex Shepard who returns to the foggy city of Shepard’s Glen.  At home he begins to search for his missing brother Joshua who brings him to Silent Hill.  Getting into alternate realities Alex and his companions encounter numerous monsters.  The branch of the narrative reveals the secrets of the past protagonist and founders of the city and also illuminates the activities of the cult performing ritual sacrifices.  The gameplay is focused on exploring the world battling with enemies and solving puzzles.  The main innovation of the gameplay is the updated combat system which allows using various attacking combinations and counter-attacks including through QTE.

Silent Hill Homecoming Game Overview: 

Virtually no aspect of the game was unambiguously criticized.  Game observers were annoyed by the change of the Japanese developer due to which the direction of horror also changed.  The plot was described as less layered not containing symbols and not holding in suspense but at the same time more distinct and corresponding to the letter of the series.  The complicated combat system alternating with simple game puzzles seemed to some reviewers to be unsuccessful because of uncomfortable control.  Others were pleased with her noting the great mobility of the protagonist and the behavior of the virtual camera.  The musical accompaniment was generally called successful but repetitive.  The final critical perception turned out to be ambivalent and contradictory.  Many agreed that the game despite its positive side is not Silent Hill in the full sense of the word.  Some commentators have appealed to the fact that changes in the franchise are unavoidable and they need to be taken less biased.

Silent Hill Homecoming Game Features: 

The game refers to the genre of the action movie from a third party and horror 19 20.  The project has two levels of difficulty – normal (Normal) and heavy (English Hard) 13 3.  At a heavy level of difficulty in the game there will be stronger monsters and ammunition and first-aid kits on the locations will be less 21.  These gradations do not affect the puzzle 22.  The main character can be in two modes – peaceful and combat.  In the first he quickly moves in the second he can fight strike and deviate from them.  Successful evasion allows for a counterattack.  Alex can do two types of attacks fast – defensive type and strong – offensive 20 To 1.  The player can also hit the monsters with a kick.  When moving around the level he can jump over narrow pits climb up ledges squeeze through narrow passages.  The game uses the Quick Time Event system which requires the player to press keys in time to perform a particular action 20 24 25.  For the first time in the series the player can choose the answers in dialogues with other characters 26 and the duration of the conversation depends on the selected replicas 27.  Periodically Homecoming encounters interactive flashbacks and logic puzzles 24 which often boil down to finding passwords collecting items and repairing broken mechanisms 10.  The hero comments on the objects he saw when interacting with them 20.

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