Sleeping Dogs Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | June 30, 2017

Sleeping Dogs Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Sleeping Dogs – a computer game-sandbox combining elements of action racing and RPG.  Developed by United Front Games in conjunction with Square Enix Europe and published by Square Enix.  The release took place on August 14 2012 for PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In 2014 the re-release of the game for PC Mac OS X PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  The game takes place in the city of Hong Kong and affects its criminal side.

Sleeping Dogs Game Overview: 

The game Sleeping Dogs offers the player to take control of Wei Shen (Wei Shen) – the Hong Kong policeman undercover.  Shen is represented as one of the best policemen in Hong Kong a martial artist a good driver a shooter a man of high intelligence.  Born in Hong Kong but later moved to San Francisco USA and then returned home.  During the initial mission Shen enters the police station where he meets Jackie Ma his childhood friend now a member of the bandit group Water Street.  Subsequently it turns out that the real purpose of Wei Shen is to introduce Sun-on-yi into one of the largest Hong Kong bands (the gang is based on the real Suning) and to disrupt the criminal network from within 1.  Winning the trust of Winston Chu leader (“red pole” in Chinese criminal terminology) “gang from Water Street” – one of the sub-groups of Sun-on-yi Sheng becomes a full member of the gang.

Sleeping Dogs Game Features: 

The game is built on the principles of an open world with the presence of basic and side missions the game includes elements such as shootings car theft and chase and of course oriental martial arts.  The missions are based on Shen’s balancing between the police and the bandits – he can not be shown to the gang that he is somehow connected with the police for which Shenyu has to participate in the most “dirty” crimes including mass killings.  However Shen contacts the police inspector Jane Teng and even helps her to catch the drug dealer nicknamed Pop Star and then the killer nicknamed Daredevil.

The bandit line is built on the opposition of two groups – the gang from Winston Chu Water Street and the Jade Sam Lyn gang nicknamed “The Psyche Eye”.  A pseudo-eye attacks a Chinese restaurant owned by Winston Chu’s mother.  Chu with the help of Shen and other bandits avenges the Psyche’s eye and burns one of the main enterprises under his control.  The authority and fame of Wei Sheng are growing rapidly.  Winston Chu introduces him to David Wai-Lin nicknamed “Uncle Poe” – “the dragon’s head” that is the supreme boss of Sun-on-yi.  Uncle Poe admires the work of Shen.  Feeling mischievous Winston Chu asks Shen to take his place if necessary.


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