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Sniper Elite 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer ScreenShots:

Sniper Elite 3 Game Review: Sniper Elite 3 Game is a tactical shooter developed by Rebellion Developments for PC Xbox 360 Xbox One PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The release took place on June 27 2014.  In Russian the game was released by the “Buka Company” 1.  The game is a trickle of the previous part of the series Sniper Elite – Sniper Elite V2.
The game takes place three years before the events shown in the Sniper Elite V2 and unfolds in exotic and deadly North Africa during the Second World War.  Special agent OSS Carl Fairburn penetrates the front line using his skills as an experienced sniper help the allies and eliminate General Franz Valen working on secret weapons
The game is a third-person shooter that assumes an inconspicuous style of passing not power.

Sniper Elite 3 Game Overview:

The game is notable for the non-linear gameplay unfolding in the open territory.  You are waiting for fierce fights with the use of melee weapons as well as shooting from a long distance.  Noisy cities and remote settlements – your invaluable helpers in matters of tactical planning and relocation.

More From Sniper Elite 3 Game:

The game is presented as a sniper simulator when shooting many realistic parameters are taken into account such as bullet weight direction / wind speed etc. When the sniper is in a calm state his pulse is at the level of 60 beats per minute.  When running the number of heart beats reaches 120 and if immediately after stopping to start aiming then the sight will be very shaking.  In addition the focus function is also available.  It is very convenient for single purposes since it takes some extra time.  Due to this ability a red (if there is an obstacle a gray) diamond appears on the screen which will show the exact location of the bullet hit taking into account all active forces.  But focusing greatly raises the pulse so that for a long time there is no way to shoot.  The choice of the place of shooting is the most important part of the gameplay.  To succeed you need to take a position with which Carl Fairbairn can fully control the enemies while remaining unnoticed.  The player’s inventory is a sniper rifle that can be replaced by alternative models as it passes as well as an automatic a pistol grenades extensions landmines mines and dynamite.  Also in the inventory of the player there is a first aid kit and a bandage for restoring health.


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