The House Of The Dead 1 2 3 4 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


The House Of The Dead Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: The House of the Dead – a video game in the genre of rail shooter developed by Wow Entertainment and released by Sega in 1998 the sequel to the game The House of the Dead.  The original came out on arcade machines later there were ports for Sega Dreamcast Windows Xbox (as a bonus to The House of the Dead III) and Wii (as part of The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return).
The House of the Dead III is a video game developed by Wow Entertainment and published by Sega for Arcade Machine in 2002.  It was also ported to Windows Xbox and Wii.  In 2012 along with The House of the Dead 4 came the port on the PlayStation 3 1.

The House Of The Dead Game Overview: 

The gameplay of the game has suffered many changes.  Completely new graphics full of bright colors.  Now in the corner of the screen you can see the player’s hand and the shotgun’s trunk which was not in the previous parts.  Also in some moments of the game the player can choose the possible way of passing.  Also there was an opportunity of rescue of the partner the chamber is developed and the player sees the partner attacked by zombies.  The most dangerous zombies in this situation are marked in red and they must be killed on time.  For the rescue of a partner the player receives one point of health.  There was a mode of passing the game for a while which is replenished for killing enemies.

The House Of The Dead Game Features: 

The game unfolds in 2019 twenty years after the events of the last part in an abandoned scientific station where a special forces squadron led by Thomas Rogan was sent.  The unit is attacked by zombies.  Only Thomas and one of the soldiers remain alive.  They get to the main laboratory where they are attacked by one of the mutants – “Death.”  From the blow after a while Thomas loses consciousness.

Two weeks later Lisa (daughter of Thomas) and Ji (his partner) come to the station.  They make their way through crowds of zombies and mutants to the main laboratory where they find Thomas alive.  He was rescued by Daniel – the son of Dr. Churien.  From it they learn that Cureen did not perish but turned into a strong being – the “Wheel of Fate”.  Lisa along with Daniel overtake the doctor and kill him.  After that all the characters safely leave the station.



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