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By | June 6, 2017

Titanfall Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Titanfall Game Review: Titanfall is a network-based sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of a fur simulator developed by the American company Respawn Entertainment (the Titanfall version for Xbox 360 is being developed by the Bluepoint Games studio 3 negotiations are being held with Aspyr Media studio about the possibility of creating a version of the game for Mac OS X   4).  The publisher of the game is Electronic Arts.  The official announcement of the game took place on June 12 2013 at the E3 5.  The release of the game took place on March 11 2014 on the PC and Xbox One as well as on April 8 – on the Xbox 360.

Titanfall Game Overview:

Players control Pilots – fighters of elite special forces of warring parties.  Pilots can use a variety of weapons and equipment which the player can customize to your taste.  Pilots also use a jet pack that significantly expands the capabilities of parkour as well as special knives that allow you to quickly break heavy guns and enemy mechanized infantry – the Specters.  In addition all pilots have the right to call Titan which takes some time to prepare for the battle.  This time can be reduced inflicting damage to enemy infantry Pilots and Titans.  Titan is a seven-meter combat robot which is dropped from orbit.  His class and equipment is also changed by the player.  Titan can inflict huge damage to infantry and Pilots but he is vulnerable to “rodeo attacks” – jumps Pilots and spectra on the upper part of Titan.  In addition in combat usually involved infantry – ordinary infantrymen and robots “spectra.”  They seldom manage to kill the Pilot but they can do great damage to the Titans.  There are many game modes as standard – the battle of extermination the capture of points – and unusual – the verdict – death the last of the titans etc.

More From Titanfall Game Features:

June 6 2013 studio Respawn Entertainment told the magazine “Game Informer” about its debut project called “Titanfall”.  It became known that the game is a first-person shooter designed for network battles involving up to 12 players.  An important component of the game process is called “Titans” – huge walking combat robots which the player can control.  Platforms were also announced for which the game will be released PC Xbox 360 and Xbox One.  More detailed information about the game process was promised to be provided at the upcoming E3 exhibition as part of the Microsoft press conference 6.


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