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Wargame European Escalation Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Wargame European Escalation (Wargame Europe on Fire) is a computer game in the real-time strategy genre developed by Eugen Systems and released by Focus Home Interactive for Windows in February 2012.

The game is devoted to the confrontation between NATO and the ATS during the Cold War and covers the period of 1975-1985.  It presents over 300 types of units of eight nationalities (NATO – Germany the United States Britain France the OVD – the USSR the GDR Poland Czechoslovakia).

Wargame European Escalation Game Overview: 

A single game is presented in the form of four campaigns (one for the FRG and the US two for the USSR) and battles against the computer.  Each campaign is a hypothetical scenario of a war between NATO and the ATS in Central Europe.

There is no building of units in the game.  All called reinforcements are paid for by “deployment points” which are awarded for controlling key areas of the terrain.  In this reinforcement is not infinite the number of each type of unit is limited.  Units have different prices when playing multiplayer you can choose the level of experience from the units you buy which also affects their cost.  In a single game units gain experience on the battlefield and if they survive to the end of the mission they can be used in the next mission of the current campaign.  Also units have a number of parameters experience general condition (health) morale the amount of ammunition for each weapon (unit can have up to three weapons) accuracy and range.  Experience is awarded for participating in combat and destroying enemy units it affects many parameters.  Morale depends on the course of the battle – for example if the unit is panicking then the effectiveness of all its actions is reduced and if it is turned into flight then for some time out of control of the player.  Combat equipment has a number of additional parameters – booking forehead sides and stern fuel stock etc.

 Wargame European Escalation Game Features: 

At first only a small part of the units available in the game are available to the player.  New units can be bought for “team stars” obtained both in single campaigns and in multiplayer.  In total you can get 840 stars and in a single game you can type a strictly certain number of them the rest are only available in multiplayer.

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