Watch Dogs Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | June 24, 2017

Watch Dogs Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Watch Dogs (sometimes stylized WATCH_DOGS) is a game with an open world which takes place in an alternative Chicago 2012 developed by Ubisoft.  The protagonist of the game Aiden Pearce “has the ability to manage the infrastructure of the city using a powerful computer capable of managing everything from recording data to running power lines.”  The player can get information about everything using Profiler.  The game also has a network mode.

Watch Dogs Game Overview: 

The basis of the gameplay of Watch Dogs is the use of hacking and surveillance.  The main character of the game Aiden Pierce (voiced by Noam Jenkins) can use any device connected to ctOS as a weapon against it.  During the demonstration of the gameplay Aiden uses interferences in cell phones to distract people and quietly get to the exhibition uses the Profiler to obtain information about the target manipulates the traffic lights to cause a large accumulation of cars and trap DeMarco and his bodyguards and also controls the sliding  Bridge to escape from the police.  The player can also access information about any NPCs he encounters including information on demographics health and the likelihood of violence.  Fights use a combination of stealth and firing from a third party.  The gameplay video from E3 also showed a cooperative game in the form of a second character the so-called “Bixxel_44” (controlled by another player) who was ordered to protect Aiden from the police trying to catch him.  Then he escaped from there using parkour.  The game will consist of the main storyline and side missions that you can go through at any point in the game.  Also a player can view people using Profiler learning personal information about them and whether they are the target of the crime or the criminals.  Aiden can intervene this will lead to a series of side missions.  Aiden can also rob cars or enemies for money which can be used to buy weapons and ammunition.  The player can also choose the style of passage.  It can be an aggressive style in which you have to deal with media that affect Aiden’s reputation which will lead to conflicts with the police.  Also there is the possibility of stealth passing in which the player will only silently stun opponents and remain invisible.  Reputation will have a big impact on the gameplay.  Each action in the game earns reputation points.  They can be positive or negative depending on the player’s actions.  Fractions in the game are confirmed but the player will not have the opportunity to join any factions or directly cooperate with them.  Instead by performing any action the player will receive approval from various factions.  The player will also be able to hack into personal cameras and laptops in the city getting an idea of ​​the daily lives and occupations of Chicago residents.

Watch Dogs Game Features: 

Driving will also be an important element of Watch Dogs, enabling players to act differently in different situations. For
example, if players during the chase want to break away from the
police, they can stop somewhere in a dark place and muffle the car. Then it will be more difficult for patrol cars and helicopters with searchlights to detect you.

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