Batman Arkham Asylum Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Batman Arkham Asylum Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Batman Arkham Asylum – a computer game in the genre Action-adventure for Microsoft Windows Mac OS X PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 created by the company “Rocksteady Studios” and released by the company “Eidos Interactive  “In collaboration with Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics in 2009.  The first part of the series Batman Arkham.  It is based on a series of comics about Batman.

Batman Arkham Asylum Game Overview: 

Batman brings the captured Joker to the psychiatric hospital Arkham.  Batman does not like the fact that the Joker is too simple to give up so he decides to accompany the psycho at the clinic.  Soon the Joker manages to escape from the hands of the guards and having freed all the prisoners to seize the whole island of Arkham with their help.  The Joker forbids the police and superheroes from interfering in his affairs since he mined the entire Gotham so Batman is helped only by a handful of guards led by James Gordon Aaron Cash and the Oracle (Barbara Gordon).

During the investigation of the Joker plans Batman learns that a certain Dr. Young has created a new mutagen based on Bain’s “Venom” – “Titan” which makes a simple person incredibly strong as Bain.  This project was secretly funded by the Joker himself who wants to create an invincible army of monsters.  Batman penetrates into the Venus of the Poison Ivy and there asks her to find a cure.  She reports that it is in Croke.  Batman enters the lair of Crock and finds a cure and the Joker turns his henchmen into monsters.

Batman manages to find and destroy the formula;  To defeat the Scarecrow who wanted to poison the sewerage of Gotham with a new hallucinogen;  To defeat the Poison Ivy which was under the influence of “Titan” Harley Quinn Bane and Crocus;  Solve a lot of riddles and puzzles of the Mister;  Create an antidote for Titan;  Find the chronicles of the ghost of Amadeus Arkham and stop rebellious prisoners.  In the final the Joker turns with the help of “Titan” into a giant monster but Batman manages to overcome him.  Shortly thereafter the incoming police take the situation in Arkham under control and Batman hearing on the radio that the Two-faced robbed the Second National Bank of Gotham hastens to him to prevent.

In the scene after the credits the only remaining container with the “Titan” takes one of the three opponents Killer Crock Bane or Scarecrow.

Batman Arkham Asylum Game Features: 

Batman is the protagonist of the game a superhero a defender of Gotham’s hometown.  The real name is Bruce Wayne.  He struggles with crime which deprived his parents.  He was trapped by his sworn enemies in Arkham so he had to stop the villains alone.  His mental and physical data are developed to the maximum master of disguise detective investigation martial arts computers etc. He owns a variety of various gadgets and adaptations useful for any kind of activity.

The character in the original version is voiced by Kevin Conroy 2 who already gave his voice to the hero in animated series of the Animation DC universe.  The actor of voice in the Russian version – Yuri Brezhnev 3)

The Joker is an antagonist and the main villain.  The self-proclaimed Clown is the Prince of the underworld.  The real name is unknown.  Developed a plan to destroy the sworn enemy – Batman and the capture of Gotham.  Secretly financed the project “Titan” to create an invincible army.  It was he who caused the fire in Blackgate and lured Batman to the hospital and then rebelled.  Incredibly clever and cruel his propensity for sadism and murder is not subject to classification.  Applies a toxin that causes a sharp laugh and kills the victim stretching his mouth in the form of a smile.  Also uses weapons in the form of clown props sometimes uses a gun to solve problems.  In his audio recordings he deceives Dr. Young to elicit information about the Titan project from her and ultimately he succeeds.  At the end of the game he introduces a serum that turns him into a huge monster.


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