Batman Arkham City Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


Batman Arkham City Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Batman Arkham City – a cross-platform computer game in the genre of action-adventure stealth action and beat ’em up part of the series Batman Arkham.  It is a plot continuation of the previous part – “Batman Arkham Asylum”.  The game is developed for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 (released in October 2011) and Windows (released in November) by Rocksteady Studios.  “Batman Arkham City” is based on comics DC Comics about Batman.  As the publisher is Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment.

Batman Arkham City Game Overview: 

The plot of Arkham City begins one and a half years after the events of Arkham Asylum 2.  Quincy Sharp former superintendent of the Arkham Psychiatric Hospital earned tremendous fame for the capture of the Joker and using this became the mayor of Gotham.  Since Arkham and the prison “Blackgate” were unable to support the prisoners the new mayor was the first to purchase the vast territory of the slums of Gotham.  He created a prison there called “Arkham City” and on the perimeter of this territory he put a well-armed detachment of mercenaries “Tiger” who was given the order to shoot to defeat while trying to escape.  Prisoners who arrived at Arkham City are left to themselves until they try to escape.  To oversee the prisoners Sharpe hired psychiatrist Hugo Strange as supervisor.  Many were unhappy with this development including Bruce Wayne.  Batman constantly looks after the new prison fearing that everything can get out of control 3.  The construction plans for Arkham City are in a secret room connected to Sharpe’s office in Arkham’s psychiatric hospital.

Batman Arkham City Game Features: 

During one of Wayne’s protests mercenaries from the Tiger organization are kidnapped who lead him straight to Strange who knows that Bruce is Batman and says that he is now ready to launch something called “Protocol 10”.  Bruce leads past the frenzied prisoners.  During one such transition he is deafened by the people of Penguin who has personal accounts with Bruce.  During the fight with the Penguin Wayne manages to get rid of the handcuffs and run away.  He contacts Alfred who sends him all the equipment.  Having intercepted the radio broadcast that the Catwoman is captured by Two-faced Batman calculates his coordinates and goes to the residence of Dent – the former court building.

Upon arriving at the place Batman sees how Two-faced is going to drown the Catwoman in a vat of acid.  Overcoming his people Batman manages to save her and neutralize Harvey.  The Dark Knight is trying to learn from her about something about the “Protocol 10” that Strange spoke about.  Their conversation is interrupted by a sniper bullet fired by the Joker which almost kills the Catwoman.  Batman scans the trajectory of the bullet and goes to the bell tower of the church from where the shot was fired.  There the Joker addresses him on TV.  However the bell tower is mined and Batman manages to escape just seconds before the explosion.  He goes to the Joker’s den the Sionis Industries steel mill.  There he is persistently trying to stop the Joker’s mercenaries and Harley Quinn herself.  Batman still finds the Joker who is already dying in a wheelchair.  Suddenly the Dark Knight is deafened.  The Joker slowly dying because of an overdose of “Titan” infects Batman sending him his blood so that he finds an antidote for both of them.  However this is not the whole trouble.  The clown sent his infected blood to all Gotham hospitals so that the entire population is in danger.


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