Batman Arkham Origins Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Batman Arkham Origins Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Batman Arkham Origins – a multiplatform computer game in the genre of adventure action movie developed by the Canadian studio Warner Bros.  Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment for the platforms PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Wii U and Windows.  This is the third game in the series Batman Arkham.

Batman Arkham Origins Game Overview: 

On the night before Christmas the criminal boss Black Mask attacks Blackgate prison and takes the police commissar Louba hostage.  Batman who only two years fighting crime in Gotham goes there to the great chagrin of the butler Alfred Penniworth who wants Bruce to at least celebrate the holiday as all normal people.  Black Mask raises a riot in prison and kills Commissioner Louba.  It turns out that Commissioner Lowe was in cahoots with the Black Mask and almost all the people in his sector are corrupt.  Batman chases after him however he encounters Roman Zionis’s ancestor – Murderer Krok.  In a brief battle Batman defeats Krok and finds out that the Black Mask has offered an action in which Batman’s head promises $ 50000000 – and the action only works on Christmas Eve which encourages the villains to hurry.  In prison Captain James Gordon arrives who is trying to arrest the avenger but without success.

In the Bat Cave Batman examines the data he found in the broken drone and finds out that besides Bruce Bain Desstroke Deadshot Mednogolovka Shiva Firefly and Stunshawker hunt him.  Bruce decides to find the Black Mask and force him to recall the killers for this he goes to the Penguin in order to find out his whereabouts.  Discovering the Penguin on his personal abandoned ship Batman also encounters Electroshocker who easily wins.  Later the hero manages to find the Penguin but at this moment Batman is attacked by Devstroke.  The villain himself not expecting such an onslaught from Batman loses the fight unable to do anything against it.  At that moment Alfred informs him that the Black Mask was found dead in “Lacey Towers”.

Batman Arkham Origins Game Features: 

Once there Bruce uses the detective mode to investigate the crime scene and discovers that the black mask of the Black Mask has died and his girlfriend.  Also Batman discovers references to an unknown criminal named “Joker”.  In order to learn more about him Batman goes to the Gotham police station to connect to their database.  With the help of Barbara Gordon Batman succeeds but he does not find the information.  At that moment Alfred reports on the National Bank’s robbery.

Penetrating there Batman encounters the Black Mask and learns the truth.  Sionis no longer leads his criminal empire.  The Joker (whom Batman meets for the first time) overthrew the Black Mask seized his businesses and gang.  And it was he who hired killers.  During a brief skirmish the Joker kills the bank employee.  After getting out of the bank Batman tracks the Joker at the Royal Hotel where he met with the mercenaries.  At this meeting the Joker kills Electroshocker who refused to perform his task and orders the remaining killers to find Batman.  Despite the order Bane remains with the Joker believing that the Dark Knight will come after him.  Batman comes into battle with him.  During the fight the mercenary manages to escape.  The Joker throws an explosion from the roof but Batman saves him much to the puzzlement of the first.  In prison “Blackgate” the Joker meets Harlin Quinzel the prison intern who tells that there is a certain person whom he is very fond of.  Harlin falls in love with him because he thinks he’s talking about her but in fact – he’s talking about Batman.


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