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Bulletstorm Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Bulletstorm – a computer game a first-person shooter.  Developers – People Can Fly and Epic Games.  Publisher – Electronic Arts.  The game was released on February 22 2011 1 for the platforms PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and PC.

In addition to the standard edition of Bulletstorm there is a collection (the cost at the time of release is $ 60).  Its owners were the first to get access to beta testing of the game Gears of War 3 which was released only on the Xbox 360. The localization of the Russian version of the game is realized only through subtitles.

Bulletstorm Game Overview: 

The game takes place in the 26th century.  The protagonist Grayson Hunt commander of the detachment “Dead Echo” (English Dead Echo) who worked for the Confederation now drank and became a space pirate.  Desertion occurred after one of the operations about 10 years ago during which members of the detachment learned that all this time they had killed innocent people for General Sarran the Commander-in-Chief of the Confederation who had some evidence against him.  The general himself explained to the soldiers that they had killed the enemies of the people bandits criminals and so on.

Bulletstorm Game Features: 

Players are available several types of weapons (7 in the arsenal and 1 machine gun) and combat movements.  In Bulletstorm there is a large number of so-called “skillshots” (English skillshot) which will provide crazy gameplay.  The system of skills gives the player a creative approach to inflicting damage to opponents.  More unique skills – the player gets more points.  These points can be spent on the discovery of new weapons its improvement as well as on the purchase of ammunition for all types of weapons (except the machine gun).
Grayson “Gray” Hunt is the protagonist of the game.  Commander of the detachment “Dead Echo” and the captain of the ship.  He carried out the tasks of General Sarran but after he finds out that the general used his command to kill innocent people (reporters witnesses etc.) he begins to hunt for him throughout the galaxy.  When he discovers his ship Odyssey he decides to ram it and gets to the most dangerous resort planet in the universe where his adventures begin.  Gray loves to drink which more than once involved him in a mess.  By the end of the game he is fully aware of all the senselessness of his actions and is seriously undertaking searches for Sarran.  Together with Trishka leaves the planet on the rescue capsule.

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