Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a multi-platform video game in the genre of a science-fiction three-dimensional shooter in the first person developed by Sledgehammer Games with the participation of High Moon Studios and Raven Software and published by Activision.  Is the eleventh in the game in the series Call of Duty.  The announcement of the game took place on May 1 2014.  The game was released on November 3 2014 on PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Overview: 

The game takes place from 2054 to 2061 in our world which has changed beyond recognition due to scientific progress.  Military technology has developed to an unprecedented level.  Private military companies became the dominant force on the planet and began to dictate their terms as well as to conflict with each other striving for the greatest authority in the world and in fact world domination.

The main antagonist of the game is Jonathan Irons an American the leader of his own private company one of the most influential people in the world whose dream is to dominate the whole world.  According to the plot the player will face many problems including global ones.  Manage it he comes to the rank and file Mitchell – a simple soldier of the American army a member of the detachment whose purpose is to restore order in America.  According to the story at the beginning of the game the world’s largest cities are attacked by the terrorist group KVA.  Understand the situation and defeat the terrorists – one of the goals of the campaign.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Features: 

According to the setting cardinally new types of weapons and equipment were invented including exoskeletons – the newest and best type of armor which saves the soldier from virtually any external influences but we must not forget that the weapons developed at the same speed.  Exoskeletons also expand the capabilities of the fighter – he becomes hardy and strong can jump high and cling to various surfaces.  According to the plot of the battle will occur in different environments not only on the players who are familiar with the surface.

Technologies developed in terms of technology the player will be available to various vehicles aircraft and controlled drones which will maximize the diversity of the gameplay.  Grenades mines rockets and other – all incredibly transformed for so many years and became more effective.  In multiplayer also added destructibility greater freedom of action and access to the exoskeleton.

The third mode is a cooperative for survival (very similar to what is implemented in Modern Warfare 3) for four people.  Also the first DLC for the game was the Exo-Zombie mode.


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