Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | July 2, 2017

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: “Call of Duty Black Ops II” – multiplatform computer game in the genre of a three-dimensional shooter in the first person.  The official announcement of the game was held on May 1 2012 2 release date – November 13 2012.  The ninth game in the series Call of Duty.  It is a direct sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Game Overview: 

Before the beginning of each mission you can choose two weapons (no matter what) accessories to them (sights muffler hilt and other improvements) explosives and perks (tools rapid weapon switching etc.).  In the course of the game the player will have a choice in certain places – this will in some way affect the course of the game in the future.  If perk “Tools” is taken in each mission it will be possible to find bonuses such as a sapper vest traps or additional weapons.  Each mission involves 10 tests – for the passage of a certain amount of them are given additional weapons improvements or perks.  There is also a small nonlinearity.

An innovation was the mission of the shock group – control and interaction between several soldiers and units.  In this case AI has a sufficient degree of freedom so that without orders to destroy the enemy in the zone of visibility.  The player’s business is to give specific instructions (storm the building eliminate the enemy defend the terrain).  On the battlefield reinforcements are regularly landed they make up for the combat losses.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Game Features: 

David Mason son of Alex Mason from the first part of Black Ops lost his father in his childhood and now he needs to find murderers.  In addition he as a fighter of the anti-terrorist group of fur seals must defeat Raul Menendez the main terrorist of our time the leader of the terrorist organization Cordis Die.  The game begins with the questioning of Woods in the “Vault” location a place where elderly ex-CIA employees live.  Frank calmly answers questions and talks about the events of the 80s which are intertwined with battles in real time.  The company Treyarch tried to make references to all parts of the series.

Alex Mason is informed that Frank Woods was carrying out a task to neutralize arms smugglers in Angola but all communications with him were lost.  Mason along with Jason Hudson his curator goes to Angola to find Woods.  Together with the UNITA rebels under the command of Jonas Savimbi he breaks through the MPLA forces in search of Woods.  They fly by helicopter to the barge where they hold Woods after they killed all the MPLA soldiers open the container immediately Woods tells how he got there.  The helicopter is attacking the barge is stranded.  Then Mason Sr. and Hudson try to evacuate the village.  But the radio sits a certain Raul Menendez who refuses to help them and breaks the receiver.  Mason grabs him and shoots him in the eye when the radio operator tries to escape.  Then Mason Woods and Hudson flee to the shore forced to get out on their own but luckily the Savimbi helicopter flies.


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