Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Russian Call of Duty Unlimited War) is a multi-platform sci-fi first-person shooter developed by the American company Infinity Ward and published by Activision.  It is the thirteenth in the main game of the Call of Duty series.  The game was released on November 4 2016. The actions of a single campaign unlike other games of the series are already going far beyond our planet.  Earthlings who did not have enough fossils and resources went to look for them elsewhere in the solar system.  All would be well if far from the planet Earth on Mars the movement of the colonizers-insurgents thirsting for power did not start.  Nobody was ready for the fact that this movement which called itself the Front of the Defense of the Colonies (SDF) gathered a huge army and began a long and brutal war with the Earth hoping to seize the reins of government in their own hands.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game Overview: 

On February 11 2016 Activision published its financial report on revenues in the fourth quarter of 2015 3 stating that the new game in the Call of Duty series being developed by Infinity Ward is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2016 4   5.

On April 26 2016 in the digital distribution store PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 4 console in North America probably due to an error the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare line was present in the list of expected games.  Soon the line was removed from the announcements 6.  The next day April 27 information appeared that the new game of the series with the subtitle Infinite Warfare will be officially announced on May 3 6.  On the same day on the Reddit website one of the users posted a picture of the promotional leaflet for the stores of the Target network on which the game was released on November 4 2016 and information that the extended edition of Legacy Edition would include an updated  Version of the game Call of Duty 4 released in 2007 under the name Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Remastered.  Soon the account of the user who laid out the promo-leaflet was removed 7 8.  On April 29 a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare poster appeared with information about a pre-order on the PlayStation 4 in Canada.  In addition to the prices indicated in it for Canadian dollars for the standard and extended edition it was reported that the multiplayer of the updated version of Modern Warfare – Remastered will include only the 10 most popular cards from the original game 9 10.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game Features: 

On April 30 2016 after the update of Call of Duty Black Ops III players began to notice hidden advertising and “Easter eggs” in the multiplayer game hinting at the speedy announcement of the new game of the series 11.  Later the same day on the official channel “Call of Duty” on YouTube’s video hosting the first half-minute teaser was published titled “Know Your Enemy” (Russian Know Your Enemy) 12.  In the teaser one of the characters of the game was shown later identified by the community as an American actor Peter Weller known for the movie Robocop 1987 13.  On May 1 the second teaser “We can still fight back!” (Russian we are still able to resist!) Lasting 15 seconds 14.

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