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God of War 3 Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: God of War III is a console game in the genre hack and slash released exclusively by Santa Monica Studio for the PlayStation 3 platform. 3 In Russia the game was released on March 17 2010. 4  God of War III is the third chapter 5 6 7 in the series after God of War and God of War II not counting the chronological God of War Chains of Olympus God of War Betrayal and God of War Ghost  Of Sparta.

God of War 3 Game Overview: 

The second part ended with the words “The end has begun.”  In the first scene Kratos together with the Titans climbs to Olympus but he can not complete the climb the Olympian gods still have enough strength to resist the “specter of Sparta” – he is thrown from Olympus to the very depths – to the entrance to the kingdom of Hades.  Kratos is forced to start a new ascent along the way gathering new forces for revenge.  He will have to kill the remaining gods and gather their forces together to kill Zeus.

Kratos sitting on Gaea climbs onto Olympus.  He is prevented first by the Water Stallion of Poseidon and then by Poseidon himself the god of the seas.  After a fierce battle Kratos kills Poseidon the sea rose abruptly and flooded many cities because the god who controlled the seas was defeated.  Kratos rises to Olympus and is about to kill Zeus but he finds the strength to throw off Olympus Gaia and Kratos.  Gaea clings to the last strength of the mountain while she tells Kratos that this is a battle of the Titans and not his battle.  Kratos is not going to lose his right to take revenge as Gaea says.  Unable to hold on to Gaea anymore Kratos falls into the underworld of Hades.

If in the first part of Kratos on his way led the gods of Olympus and in the second Titans then in the third part of his guide was Athena which acquired a new essence sacrificing herself for Zeus.  According to her now Athena realized that “while Zeus is alive people do not have hope.”  Kratos must destroy the Flame of Olympus which is the source of the forces of Zeus.  Athena gave him the Blades of the Exile which must point the way to the Flame of Olympus.  Kratos is selected from the underworld on the way having obtained the Apollo’s bow that was at Piriphoy – Hades condemned him to eternal torment (for what Pirifoy wanted to take Persephone from Hades) concluding in thorns.  Kratos burned a thorny barrier along with Pirifo himself and took his bow.  Kratos meets Hephaestus – the blacksmith god who told him about his daughter – Pandora.  Once he created it but Zeus took Pandora from him.  Kratos succeeds in getting a little from Hephaestus but he learned that the Flame of Olympus is deadly to anyone who touches it.  Escaping from the underworld Kratos also killed Aida himself having received his weapon – Aida’s Claws and having absorbed the soul of Hades.  The souls of the underworld were freed from its oppression.

More From God of War 3 Game: 

Continuing his ascent Kratos sees Gaia blocking his path which is caught by the hand of a mountain.  Kratos remembered that Gaia did not want to give him the right to kill Zeus and therefore said “You need it while it’s useful.”  Without unnecessary hesitation he cut off her hand and Gaia fell down.  Later Kratos kills the sun god Helios.  He knocks him out of the ballista when he flew on his chariot.  Helios tried to deceive Kratos referring to Kratos’ earlier assistance (see GoW Chains of Olympus).  He said that you can destroy Zeus by entering the Flame of Olympus but Kratos remembering the words of Hephaestus did not believe him and tore off his head which later came in handy as a luminaire during the passage of dark rooms.  The sun disappeared after the murder of Helios because this god was in charge of the Sun.

Finding the Flame of Olympus Kratos found in him the Pandora’s Box – the one he used to kill Ares.  Athena having appeared said that this is the very box and that there still remains a force capable of killing God.  The key to the box was Pandora – only she can enter the Flame of Olympus and destroy it.  Later Kratos meets the god-messenger – Hermes.  Hermes taunts him and runs away but Kratos overtakes and kills him cutting off his legs and taking winged sandals.  Unknown diseases overwhelm people after the murder of Hermes.

In his many adventures Kratos also has to face his brother on the father – Hercules.  Hercules was strong but could not defeat Kratos.  Kratos took away from Hercules his brass knuckles received as a reward for the murder of the Nemean lion – Nemean Cestus.  They killed Hercules to death.  Later Kratos meets Aphrodite and her two concubines after giving herself to Kratos the goddess then invites him to seek help from Hephaestus.  Kratos informs him that he is going to use his daughter Pandora to destroy the Flame of Olympus and get to Pandora’s Box.  Hephaestus could not allow this and came up with a clever plan that would have pushed the Ghost of Sparta with a very dangerous titanic opponent.  He told Kratos about the powerful weapons that can be forged only with the help of Omphal’s stone which is in the stomach of Kronos – once the main of the Titans the father of Zeus and most of the Olympic gods.


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