Halo Combat Evolved Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


Halo Combat Evolved Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Halo Combat Evolved (Russian Halo Combat continues) – a video game in the genre FPS developed by Bungie and released in 2001 by Microsoft.  It was originally released for the Xbox game console.  Exactly in 2 years the version for Microsoft Windows was released.  In the same year was released a short story called Halo The Fall of Reach which is a prehistory.

Halo Combat Evolved Game Overview: 

The plot of the game tells about the war of people represented by the Space Command of the United Nations (UNSC) and the religious union of several alien races – the Covenant.  People are struggling to survive but they are losing ground on all fronts.  The last hope of mankind was the project “SPARTANEC-II” – a program for creating biologically advanced super soldiers which became the most effective weapon in the fight against aliens.  All the scientific forces on this project are based on the planet Predel.  The covenants find the planet and subject it to orbital bombardment.  Survived only one ship – “Pillar of Autumn” which was the surviving Spartan John 117.  The ship makes a leap blindly through hyperspace and emerges from it next to a mysterious alien structure called Halo.  Flotilla Covenant manages to track the jump and start a new attack on the ship.  John-117 receives an order at all costs to protect the artificial intelligence of the ship – Cortana.

Halo Combat Evolved Game Features: 

The game uses 4 difficulty levels Light Normal Heroic and Legendary.  The change in the level of complexity affects the game balance which is expressed in the number of enemies the strength of the armor the tactics of the enemy and some game dialogues.  Unlike most shooters the main character can only carry two kinds of small arms.  The game requires a tactical approach since the quantitative and technological advantage on the opponent’s side.  Also there are two types of grenades – fragmentation and plasma.  Plasma grenades can “stick” to living beings and transport – and remove them will not work.  Fragments possess greater destructive force radius of defeat and operating time.

John-117 wears a combat exoskeleton Mjolnir which greatly increases strength agility and reflexes.  Armor also generates an energy shield that protects against damage.  The shield weakens from shots strikes and explosions but is gradually restored in the absence of damage.  The lost health can be replenished with the help of first-aid kits.

Human weapons do not differ much from modern weapons.  Firearms do not work well against energy shields but very well against unprotected enemies.  Weapons of aliens – on the contrary.  A protagonist can select and use any weapon other than energy swords and fuel cannon – they shut down or explode after the death of the owners.  The game provides the ability to manage vehicles.  Human machines the Wagon “Warthog” and the “Scorpion” tank – allow the infantry to get into the car and shoot while they are controlled by the player.  Transport of aliens the anti-gravity motorcycle “Ghost” and the fighter “Banshee” – single and have limited health unlike human machines which can not be destroyed in the game.  There is also a Ghost tank but there is no possibility to control it.


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