Hitman Absolution Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)

By | July 6, 2017

Hitman Absolution Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Hitman Absolution (Rus. “Assassin Absolution”) – a computer game in the genre of stealth action the fifth part of the series of games “Hitman”.  The developer of the game is the Danish company IO Interactive which developed all the previous games of the series and the publisher – Square Enix.  The target platforms of the game are personal computers Xbox 360 game consoles and PlayStation 3. Until the official announcement on May 10 2011 Hitman Absolution was known under the unofficial name “Hitman 5”.

As in all other games of the series the protagonist of Hitman Absolution is Agent 47 a clone that works as a professional killer.

Hitman Absolution Game Overview: 

The level consists of several (up to five) sublevels and the 47th will have to wade through for several sub-levels to the main goal simultaneously killing enemies-minions destroy the main enemy and then break through the encirclement of police or thugs.  There was more secrecy and less “masquerade” the enemies learned to expose the disguise and there is rarely a cover that allows them to walk around unimpeded without the risk of getting a bullet in the forehead (interestingly all such coverages are unique characters like a judge or drug dealer who it would seem  Everyone should know by sight).  All levels are passable in a suit without disguises some are elementary others are difficult.

Disappeared syringes with poison and sleeping pills.  Instead the 47th learned to neutralize the protection with his bare hands.  The so-called “instinct” appeared for a limited time the 47th can look through the walls see enemies in the crowd anticipate their way “pretend to be a hose” so that the enemy does not recognize the stranger and slow down the time to quickly execute a series of accurate shots.  In the course of successful tasks the instinct is replenished.  Instinct replaced the map from the previous series according to the plot 47 one against all and acts according to the circumstances and does not follow the elaborated plan.

Hitman Absolution Game Features: 

Remained programmed accidents the target can be killed by electricity pushed from the balcony burned poisoned dropped a heavy object on it … To get the rating “Silent Killer” you do not have to come across enemies kill all targets with an accident or brandy and manage  Without unnecessary deaths.  And of course no body other than the victims of the accident should be found.

47 can carry a limited arsenal – one tool one automatic one charge of explosives etc. (a pair of AMT Silverballer pistols and a hammer if given at the level never disappear).  But any weapon – absolutely anyone even a sniper rifle – can be hidden on yourself.  To firm Silverballer’ah silencers were added.

A large part of the story opens right through the course of missions from conversations.  To do this the levels had to place many triggers and at the same time cut down the number of options for the passage often to one or two.  Added a system of achievements which on the one hand stimulated the re-passage on the other – gave out programmed exotic methods of killing enemies.

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