Hitman Blood Money Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots (FREE)


Hitman Blood Money Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Hitman Blood Money – a computer game in the genre of simulator killer stealth-action.  “Hitman Blood Money” was developed by the Danish company IO Interactive and is the fourth game of the “Hitman” series.  The game was published by Eidos Interactive on May 26 2006 in the PAL region and May 30 in North America for PC (Windows) PlayStation 2 Xbox Xbox 360. The main hero of the game like the entire series is Agent 47.

The game has a lot of innovations namely the opportunity to take a non-player character as a hostage and shoot back hiding behind him as a shield;  To adjust the victim to an “accident”;  Modernize the weapon (for example put a double optical sight silencer laser pointer etc. on the gun).

The opportunity to receive money for the accomplished mission was returned to the game.  With this money you can upgrade weapons bribe witnesses and police change your identity.  There was a statistic of recognition if the protagonist broke into the house with a machine at the ready destroyed all the security and was fixed by a video camera then his photo appears on the editorial of the local newspaper.  Accordingly in the next mission he will not be allowed to calmly pass by the guards.  Glacier engine has undergone many cosmetic improvements.  Levels have a characteristic atmosphere for example at the festival of Mardi Gras in one location there are 2000 non-player characters.

Musical design has traditionally performed for all games of this series Jesper Kyud.  However the “titular” composition of the game was “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert.

Hitman Blood Money Game Overview: 

In Hitman Blood Money in the already familiar gameplay was added many innovations.  47 learned to climb the pipes climb up the hill and throw knives.  The game has a new type of murder – “accident”.  To hide the murder under the accident it is enough for example to push your goal from the balcony or throw a heavy object on it to spoil the gas stove or pyrotechnic charges.  However at some levels it is possible to arrange a real terrorist act with several extraneous victims which is considered an accident and is valued higher than killing with a striker or a syringe.

Strange feature of Hitman Contracts was that the equipment for the task had to be found already on the spot.  In the new game the 47th always has a stranglehold two syringes with sleeping pills two syringes with poison and a bomb (two if you buy one of the improvements) with a remote fuse.  At the same time the contents of the syringes can be injected into the pacing level of the enemy and poured into a glass or added to the food.  In addition the 47th can take up to 2 pistols one submachine gun and a sniper rifle (in a suspicious case).  An automatic or shotgun is delivered by the Agency to a special place.

The monetary system that had previously taken place only in Hitman Codename 47 returned. Now according to the results of mission 47 a certain amount of money is paid varying depending on the quality of the player’s “work” (for the murder of one goal $ 200000 is given the fee in addition depends on the quality of work)  .  If the player kills superfluous people leaves somewhere his suit or weapons then the payment for the order will be deducted the cost of “cleaning” 47. The money can be spent on reducing the level of fame and improving their weapons and equipment – additional sighting devices increased stores and  etc.  However the amounts spent for improvement are overstated and look like points (for example a silencer for a pistol costs 200 thousand dollars).

Hitman Blood Money Game Features: 

An important element of the gameplay was the parameter “Fame”.  If during the mission the agent 47 is fixed by a video camera or accidentally gets into a frame made by some tourist the fame of Agent 47 will increase and if it reaches a sufficiently high level soon people on the streets will recognize it and create unnecessary panic.  Fame can be lowered between missions by bribing people who saw 47 bribing the police chief stealing a cassette with recording surveillance cameras (in the mission itself) or completely rewriting the person.

After each mission the player gets an opportunity to read a newspaper in which he describes the murder committed and cites the police’s assumptions about what happened.  Also if the fame of 47 is high then in the newspapers it can print its fotobort.  Strangely enough even if the mission is carried out on “SA” in newspapers they will still print “A silent killer is wanted …”

The game uses the engine Glacier engine which was seriously modified.  Animation of characters was much improved their detailing was increased and bump mapping was added.  Post-filter technology first introduced in Hitman Contracts was also improved and became more beautiful.

In Hitman Blood Money unlike the previous parts security removes the body in bags for corpses and places them in a security room.


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