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Outlast Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Outlast – a cross-platform computer game in the genre Survival horror from the first person developed and published by the company Red Barrels for platforms Windows Mac OS X GNU / Linux PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  The debut game was released on September 4 2013.

The best game of 2013 in the nomination “Horror” according to the magazine “Igromania” 3.

In the fall of 2014 developers reported on the beginning of work on the continuation of a successful horror. 4  On April 25 2017 Outlast 2 was released.

Outlast Game Overview: 

1945 year.  US special services are carrying out the operation “Papercliff” (English Papercliff) transporting scientists in the USA from Nazi Germany to work in the clinic of Mount Mass.

1967 year.  In the hospital clinic there is an incident – three scientists were killed by an unknown patient.

1972 year.  The head of the CIA Richard Heals orders the destruction of all documents related to the Mount-Massiv clinic.  Only a few papers survived.

year 2013.  Journalist Miles Upshur receives an e-mail message authored by a member of the Merckoff company who informs him of illegal experiments in the clinic.  Miles decides to go there for the reportage.

The game starts with what we see on Miles’s face as he approaches the clinic in his car.  A few dozen meters from the clinic the radio is muffled which worked in the car.  Miles drives up to the entrance checks the presence of a letter a camera with a night vision and two batteries.  Going to the clinic we find that the clinic is not guarded all the entrances are closed and next to it there are three armored cars.

Penetrating into the hospital through the window Miles sees all the horror that is happening in her scattered everywhere dismembered corpses and along the corridors roam the mutilated and mutilated patients.  Among all these crazy people there is a priest Martine who propagandizes a cult around a deity called Walrider a former guard of the hospital Chris Walker like a big mutant burglar who has been pursuing Miles throughout the game in order to kill  And physician Richard Trager is a sadist using patients for his perverse surgical experiences.  Moving along the corridors of the clinic the protagonist learns that she is just a cover of the scientific institute of Murkoff (English Murkoff Corporation) for conducting illegal experiments in order to obtain a new kind of people with superpowers.

Outlast Game Features: 

Soon Miles finds out that under the hospital is the scientific laboratory of Merckoff.  Exploring the laboratory he stumbles upon a mysterious dark clot like a fog that chases him and kills the one who comes under Chris’s arm then disappears.  Miles moves on and finds a scientist – Dr. Rudolph Wernicke who talks about the project Volrider and about Billy – the only survivor in the experiments experiment which runs a mysterious bunch Volraider.  After that he asks the reporter to kill Billy for this it is necessary to turn off the supply of water and electricity to the capsule in which his physical body is stored.  After the work is done Volruider begins to beat the hero tosses him to a high altitude but eventually disappears.  The reporter falls breaking his leg and struggling to leave the laboratory.

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