Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots

By | July 11, 2017

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game Review Gameplay Trailer Screenshots:

Game Review: Prince of Persia Warrior Within – a computer game from the series of Prince of Persia developed and published by Ubisoft;  The second game in the plot sub-series about the Sands of Time.  The version for the PlayStation Portable platform was released in April 2005 under the title Prince of Persia Revelations (Russian Prince of Persia Revelations).

Because of the ability to dismember enemies the presence of abusive vocabulary and frankly dressed female characters in the game she has a rating of “Mature” (17).  In some European countries (particularly in Germany) the game was published without blood and dismemberment as a result of which it became available to a younger audience.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game Overview: 

Prince of Persia in an attempt to change his destiny goes to the Isle of Time where once the Empress of Time created the Sands of Time and the Dagger of Time from where they were later stolen by the Indian Maharaja to whose palace the Prince’s army together with his father was attacked in the first part of the game  .  The prince intends to meet with the Empress and prevent the creation of the Sands of Time thereby completely abolishing their existence in history.  On the way to the island the ship of the prince is attacked by sand demons led by a certain woman Shady.  In battle the prince loses the ship his men and weapons but gets to the Island of Time.  Pursuing Shadi he sees how she leaves through a portal and follows her.

Further adventures of the Prince on the Isle of Time will constantly bring him to the portals in time using the same Sand of Time and the Prince will be able to move from the blossoming past of the Time Island (differing in whole buildings and actively working mechanical traps) into a gloomy present (dark full  Debris new obstacles and new traps).

The prince kills Shady rescuing a certain girl who calls herself Kaylina who claims that the Empress of Time will not want to see the Prince and will be engaged in the creation of the Sands.  Nevertheless Kailina explains to Prince the device of the castle and the way to open the gates to the throne room where the Empress is.

During the game the Prince is haunted by Dahak an immortal creature who is the Guardian of Time capable of arising at the most unexpected moment.  Dahaka hunts the Prince because he remained alive and managed to change his destiny that Dahaka must correct.  The Prince hopes that by preventing the creation of the Sands he will “cancel” the events that occurred in the first game when the Prince had to change the flow of time because of the opening of the Hourglass.  And if in the past the Prince does not change the flow of Time he will get rid of the persecution of Dahaka.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game Features: 

In addition to Dahaka the Prince also constantly meets with a kind of humanoid being who also seems to want the death of the Prince.  But later a strange creature dies at the hands of Dahaka then he ceases to pursue the Prince.  The prince opens the throne room and learns that Kailin is the Empress of Time and in battle kills her (in the past).  The prince already wants to leave the Island of Time but he is again haunted by Dahak.  The prince realizes that he lost because the Sand of Time appeared from the body of the murdered Empress who later stole the Maharaja.  That is trying to change the past the Prince helped to realize the present.  But the Prince does not give up and once again running away from Dahaka suddenly finds himself in a tomb in the dungeons of the Island where he reads on the walls a story about the Mask of the Sand Spirit that can return to the past and give a chance to change his destiny but can be removed only when  Another “I” who put on a mask existing at the same time will die.  The prince puts on the mask turning into that very spirit that turns out to be that strange creature that the Prince saw earlier (that is he saw himself) and decides to kill Kailin in the present tense hoping that if the Sands are created only in the present then  Maharaja and his army can not steal them from the island so Dahaka will stop persecuting him because in this case the Sands will not be released.  When Dahaka reappears in the place where the Sand Spirit is lost the Prince dodges from the tentacles of Dahaka allowing him to grab his second self.  After the death of his double the mask of the ghost begins to be rejected and the Prince assumes his usual form.  He again goes to the throne room where after an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Kailin he breaks the throne and literally “pushes” Kailin into the portal.

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